City vs. Suburbs

I live in Brooklyn but I grew up in the suburbs. Pete grew up in London, for some reason. On the latest episode of the podcast, we talk about the different challenges of parenting in each location. It’s a City vs. Burbs Thunderdome! One place enters, one place leaves!

I never saw myself raising my kids in the city, but here we are. Will we stay? Who knows. There are a lot of perks, but plenty of cons as well. One thing’s for sure, I won’t be moving back to Raleigh anytime soon!

Cost vs. space. Diversity vs. a bubble. Meth vs. no-meth? (That was Pete’s idea.) We get into it all, with the help of your great input. Please keep the comments coming! And please, write up a review on iTunes. Maybe we’ll even it read it out loud, who knows, we’re crazy like that!

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