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I was listening to my iPod recently and, as always, I had it on shuffle. A song off of Liz Phair’s third album, whitechocolatespaceegg, came on, and I remembered that the album is primarily about the birth of her new kid. It pales in comparison to Exile in Guyville and even Whip-Smart, but there are some decent songs on there – she hadn’t gone the pop sell-out route just yet.

But that’s neither-here-nor-there because as I pressed skip to get to the next song on my iPod, I started thinking about songs that are about babies and kids. There really aren’t that many. Strike that – there are probably tons, but most of them don’t rate in my book (they’re country, or by Harry Chapin or Jim Croce or Phish).

So I’ve compiled a very short list of some of the best and worst songs about babies-slash-kids that ARE worth talking about, complete with streams! Please note that I’ve found many, many more than the few listed below, but I cannot in good conscience promote songs like “Butterfly Kisses” or anything by Amy Grant.

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Stay Up Late, Talking Heads – Just a cool tune that is about a baby the Heads typically off-kilter way. Deny it.


Brick, Ben Folds Five – No offense. Apparently a good third of the band’s output is about his kids, but this is the only one worth mentioning. For obvious reasons.


With Arms Wide Open, Creed – The only way this song could be worse was if it were actually about Jesus instead of just featuring Stapp pretending to be Jesus, per the usual.


Just the Two of Us, Will Smith – Daddy exploits YOU! Daddy exploits YOU!


The “Webster” Theme Song – Doesn’t it just make you smile?

Here’s a list that’s a bit more forgiving than mine. But isn’t “Isn’t She Lovely” about President Obama? Maybe that’s just every other song by Stevie Wonder.

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6 thoughts on “Baby Songs

  1. I’ve been perfecting my baby mix — songs that I want my son to listen to starting at birth, so he’s not requesting KISS-108-type crap when he’s 3. There’s a lot of named songs on the list — Sweet Jane, Anna Begins, Melissa — and a few thematic ones, like Insomniacs by Billy Pilgrim, because I’m sure that’s what we’ll be during his first few months. I’ve also found myself changing some of the lyrics — “Alone” by Heart, for instance, is now “How do I get you to sleep” when I sing it.

    Haven’t found the perfect Vedder yet — I’ve got Just Breathe & Footsteps in the mix, though that second one’s a bit suspect. I mean, you can’t sugarcoat the serial killer in jail cell theme. Any recs from a fellow Pearl Jam fan would be appreciated.

    1. I doubt the kid would have any inkling of what’s going on in the so-called Mamasan trilogy. Hell, I was a teenager (!!!) when “Alive” came out and it took my years just to decipher the lyrics, let alone interpret them.

      As for PJ songs that might work for kids, there’s prolly a ton. Off the top of my head: “Bugs” and “Rats” come to mind. “Dirty Frank” might be fun. “Bee Girl?”

      Just stay away from “Deep” and “Stupid Mop.”

  2. Please, can somone explain how Webster isn’t in syndication. Enough of Seinfeld and the Office reruns, I won’t to be able to chill with multiple Webster episodes on the tv.

  3. My kids like “kids’ songs.” They have some Sesame Street CDs, but they also like Laurie Berkner (she’s pretty cool) and Milkshake. Dave Grohl likes Milkshake. Both have really catchy lyrics and good music.

    That said, the kids also really like The Ting Tings. My daughter loves Tori Amos, Cyndi Lauper, Depeche Mode, and the Bangles. I’m not sure that at 7, I want her listening to any Liz Phair other than her cover of “Tra La La (The Banana Splits Theme).” Also, she loves “Slow Ride.” This scares me a little.

    1. Well, to be fair, Jake, I wasn’t necessarily talking about songs I’m going to play for my kid. That’s a whole other topic, and I will do my darndest to make sure The Wiggles and Raffi and whatever else is in vogue doesn’t make an appearance. Good luck, I know.

      I figure you can’t go wrong with the Beatles – their songs work on multiple levels, so a kid can enjoy Lucy in the Sky without the parents worrying about any connotations.

      “Slow Ride” would scare me too. Better than “Brick House” though. For some reason I associate the two.

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