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Apparently this guy has a problem with babies being in bars, and as a result he’s decided to create a website devoted to “shaming” parents by posting pictures of them behaving “badly” by bringing their kids to bars.

His site’s tagline is: Bad parents, cute babies, questionable decisions. I have problems with every part of that tagline.

Bad parents: No one is more in need of a drink than a person with a baby, and if that means having to tote the kid along to the local pub, so be it.

Cute babies: Has this guy ever seen a cute baby? Does he know what the word means? The cuteness factor is severely lacking here.

Questionable decisions: the only thing questionable here is this guy’s judgment. And his sense of humor. Let’s at least see a baby that’s drunk, pal! Otherwise this is just boring.

Clearly, this man is guilty of several things, the most obvious being that he A) doesn’t have kids of his own (or a drinking problem), B) doesn’t live in Brooklyn and C) doesn’t have a soul.

If I’d have known there was a market for these kinds of photos, I’d have started this site months ago. I have ALBUMS full of shots of my baby in a bar.


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4 thoughts on “Baby in the Bar, Dot Com

  1. I’ve left my phone at the bar, I imagine a parent has left their baby and had to call the next day to pick him/her up. Must be pretty embarrassing. They should actually make segregated bars for parents who bring their babies. Then we would have no problems because the only reason ur there is ur baby so there’s no chance in leaving them behind.

  2. I’ve seen parents w/their infant children at a bar at 1 in the morning….Also, I have seen parents w/their children at Dave & Busters. Yes, acceptable during the day or even dinner time. But, running around still there after 10 w/young adults starting to get drunk. I find that a problem.

  3. My pleasure. I don’t have a soul either, so we’re even.

    For the record, I don’t hate the concept, I just think it’s more of a gray area than your site makes it seem. Especially if the place serves food and is not just a straight bar. It’s not easy for parents to take kids to straight up tablecloth restaurants; sometimes a more casual place, like a pub, makes more sense.

    As a display of goodwill, I’m sending you a pic to post on your blog, of my kid experiencing the bar scene.

    As for the poster above, anyone who has a baby at a bar once the real drinking starts is an asshole, no argument from me.

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