The Decipherists: Mamoo

A babbling toddler speaks in a language only those closest to him can understand, and often even they are giving it their best guess.

The third entry in the Decipherists series tackles that very situation, in which our son uses one almost-a-word type sound to mean multiple things. Or maybe just one meaning. We really have no idea. It seems like it’s a pretty all-purpose word for the kid, seeing as he uses it for a variety of items.

It took some time, and the process of elimination, but we think we’ve been able to suss it out.

Mamoo! (possibly)

Word: Mamoo
Part of speech: noun
Definition: 1) Window; 2) Bubble; 3) Balloon
Sentence: “Mamoo! Mamoo!” (Again: not big on sentences.)

MomandBuried and I think we’ve been able to deduce our son’s reasoning for using the same “word” for those three unique items (we had to, lest we admit he’s a moron). Granted, using logic to penetrate the inner workings of an anarchist toddler is not foolproof, but this is what we came up with, and it seems to work: 1) windows and bubbles are both transparent, 2) bubbles and balloons are both round and float.

NAILED IT. We have no idea what balloons and windows have to do with each other but ease up.

Of course, why he uses the word “mamoo” for those three things beats me. The only thing they share is syllables. And my wife is shaped NOTHING like a balloon. How dare you!

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