Zombie Post: Relocation Revisitation

For the second Zombie Post, I’ve chosen another one from before my son was born more than two years ago.

The possibility of relocation was on my mind then, because a kid was about to arrive and, as a child of the suburbs, raising my son in New York City never seemed ideal. So I started thinking about where we’d go next. But over the past five years in Brooklyn, it’s cemented itself as the favorite place we’ve ever lived. It helps that our Park Slope neighborhood is the perfect combination of baby-friendly and bar-crazy, which provided a fantastic lifestyle for us, both as pre-parents, actual parents, and those days when we’re pretending not to be parents.

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But we do have a kid now. So just a few years after this post ran, relocation is rearing its head again. Which makes the post below eerily prescient, especially considering one of the options mentioned within it is looking like the big winner.

Oh, and here’s something hilarious: in the original post I stress about the possibility of going through a move with a baby in tow. Now that I’m faced with packing up with a toddler running around wreaking havoc, I want to smack my pre-baby self in the face for being such a fool. At least we could have sent the baby ahead in a UPS container. Now we’re just screwed.

Check it out:

Baby Wants a New Hometown

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