Blogger Idol 2012: Every Vote Counts

I’m not going to blame you. Let me get that out of the way right now.

Yes, I survived the Week One cuts in my quest to become 2012’s Blogger Idol and win a tablet. But I BARELY survived. I was next in line to be cut.

I chalk up my poor performance to two things: I wrote about drinking and I wrote about drinking. If I were an ungenerous man, I might say my fanbase – such as it is – let me down. But I am not going to blame you. I said that already.

However. This time, if I don’t survive, I will blame you.


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To be fair, this week’s assignment was a tough one. I had to write about my day from the perspective of a woman. There was some confusion around the premise, but after much consideration, I wrote as if I had woken up in my house, with my kid, doing what I normally do…only as if I were in a woman’s body. My personality remained in tact, but not without some complications.

Read my entry here.

Then vote here.

Then come back and comment on this page.

I may not have crushed this one, but knowing me, I probably did. So now it’s up to you. I apologize for the picture of Jake Gyllenhaal as a woman. I hope come Friday’s elimination you won’t have to apologize to me.


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