Zombie Post: Hell in a Carseat

This weekend, we decided to go on a getaway up to Maine. Leaving from CT, where we borrowed my parents car, it’s about six hours each way.

Maybe we’re trying to cram in as much New England as possible before we head down south. Maybe we just want to get a taste of all the driving we’re gonna be doing without the benefit of subways and legitimate public transportation. Maybe my wife just decided we were doing it and I had no choice.

It doesn’t matter. We’re already on our way. Now, we’ve taken a vacation with the kid before, but that was via plane. And at the time he was an immobile baby. Now he’s two, and he’s anything but immobile. Strapping him down in the backseat for 12 hours is not going to be easy.

As encouragement, I’ve resurrected TWO posts about that earlier vacation – to Ireland! – just to keep my hopes up. One of them is honest, the other is a bit of a fabrication to assuage those parents who think traveling with a baby is impossible. It wasn’t impossible. I hope traveling with my toddler works out as well.

Original Post: Where in the World was Dad and Buried?

Original Post: Trip to Ireland – Schadenfreude Edition

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