Zombie Post: Little Did I Know

I wrote the post I’ve resurrected below one year ago.

It’s a charming little trifle about my son’s increasingly bad behavior. Little did I know that what I thought, last May, was the onset of the terrible twos – though I even admit in the post that I might be a tad premature in that assessment – was nothing but a tiny preview of the hell to come, and of the abuse Mom and Buried and I were yet to face.

Now, a year later and a good three months into the real terrible deal, this post would probably make me laugh if I weren’t usually already crying.

I thought things were bad when I wrote this week’s Zombie Post, and today things are infinitely worse. And there’s no end in sight. Parenting FTW!

Original Post – Parent Abuse: Parenting’s Dirty Little Secret

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2 thoughts on “Zombie Post: Little Did I Know

  1. Terrible Twos are terrible, but having gone through this three times (I am currently in the midst of my third) I thought you should know that it’s called terrible twos because it lasts two years. Unfortunately, it’s not just when they’re two.

    My advice: Try to laugh…a lot! He’ll be so much fun by the time he’s four. 🙂

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