Zombie Post: King Baby

It finally happened! A British woman gave birth!

I’ll never understand the hoopla about a famous person having a baby. This time around, it’s so extreme that it almost seems put on. Like we’re all starved for something stupid to focus on. Escapism at its limey-ist. Oh well. I have little to say on the topic, at least nothing I haven’t already said in the post below.

That’s right: in honor of the Artist Currently Known As Prince, I’ve resurrected a post I wrote a few months back. It originally ran when the Duchess was having intense morning sickness and reporters were camping out, hoping to catch a whiff. The frenzy didn’t make sense then and it doesn’t make sense now.

I do feel a bit bad for the Royal couple though. As I mentioned in the post below, having a baby is a pain in the ass any way you cut it. I don’t imagine having Al Roker’s face poking in your window makes things any easier. Someone on Twitter asked if I had any advice for William and Kate, and I said, “Yeah: MOVE.”

I guess I should’ve said “abdicate.”

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2 thoughts on “Zombie Post: King Baby

  1. They are not `famous` people, they are royalty, they are part of historical line. His birth was celebrated like many other heirs to the throne before him, before people started to obsessed over b-listers and their baby bumps.

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