Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

You may have noticed that “being tired” is a recurring theme on my blog, because my blog is about parenting, and being tired is one of parenting‘s recurring themes. Yay kids!

I knew – we all knew – that being tired was part of the deal before I had my first kid, and it’s not the tiredness that bugs me. No, my problem isn’t that I’m exhausted, or my constant sleep deprivation; I knew my quantity of sleep would suffer. It’s the quality of sleep I miss the most!

Two kids deep, the little sleep I do get has become a battleground. Every night, there’s a five-year-old in my bed, keeping me awake for no discernible reason, and a baby in my bed, keeping me awake just because he doesn’t want to starve to death!

Together, the little leeches have stolen my sanctuary from me.

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Pregnancy Perks for Guys

Pregnancy Perks for Guys

Men may not get to take part in the miracle of childbirth, but don’t feel bad, guys. There are some pregnancy perks for you too!

We’re a few months into life with two kids, and it’s pretty much going according to plan. Basically, we’re exhausted. But we have a cute little baby around who occasionally eases the pain. In fact, despite the exhaustion and the stress and the problematic logistics that come with adjusting to life with a newborn, Mom and Buried is thrilled to no longer be pregnant. She didn’t love round two.

I’m glad she’s feeling better. But I actually kind of miss it. Especially since we now have two kids and from where I stand that’s a hell of a lot harder than one and a half.

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Heart Murmuring

Heart Murmuring

I’m lucky.

Heart disease isn’t a big trend in my family. Sure, there’s some, my grandfather had some heart issues that contributed to his failing health, and my other grandfather died from a heart attack before I was old enough to remember meeting him.

Aaand now I’m reconsidering my luck. Especially since my doctor recently told me that my triglycerides were a little high – which apparently is not a good thing, because when I tried to fist-bump him he got mad.

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