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Heart Murmuring

3 Mar #heart2heart, michael strahan, good morning America, parenting, parenthood, dad and buried, mike julianelle, meta, sponsored, fatherhood, health, stress, cholesterol, fiber, metamucil, kids, family, life, lifestyle, diet

I’m lucky.

Heart disease isn’t a big trend in my family. Sure, there’s some, my grandfather had some heart issues that contributed to his failing health, and my other grandfather died from a heart attack before I was old enough to remember meeting him.

Aaand now I’m reconsidering my luck. Especially since my doctor recently told me that my triglycerides were a little high – which apparently is not a good thing, because when I tried to fist-bump him he got mad.

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Expect the Unexpected

4 Jan star wars, dad and buried, parenting, mommy blogs, dad blogs, dad bloggers, mike julianelle, detective munch, babies, kids, children, fatherhood, personality, motherhood, funny, humor, movies, siblings, brothers, personality, infants, family, life

A kid in my high school biology class once asked our teacher if a woman could give birth to a snake. And we’ve been close friends ever since!

Thankfully, none of Mom and Buried’s ultrasounds have shown a cobra. And I already have a kid. So even though I’m not a biology teacher, and it’s been five years since I’ve had a newborn baby around and I don’t remember much about how to care for one, I have a pretty good idea of what’s coming (sometime in the next two weeks).

Yet despite the fact that I have an existing child on whom to base my expectations for my second baby’s personality and appearance, in reality, I don’t have a clue. And that’s got me pretty excited.

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Don’t Hate, Appreciate

30 Nov parenting, parenthood, pregnancy, dad and buried, funny, humor, dad bloggers, daddy, bloggers, mommy bloggers, fatherhood, motherhood, children, family, lifestyle, stress, babies

My wife loves when our son sleeps in our bed.

It’s tight, he inevitably chooses some weird, awkward position that usually involves one of his feet in her face or my crotch, but she loves it. Even when his presence makes any actual sleep totally impossible and leaves her completely exhausted the next day.

If I’m being honest, I love it too. Because I know it’s not going to last.

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Smack Balk

29 Nov smack apparel, dad and buried, parenting, sports, parenthood, football, NFL, miami dolphins, smack talk, dads, kids, role model, funny, humor, dad bloggers, yankees, red sox

Sometimes watching sports and being a (good) parent is a tough combination. Especially when you’re a Dolphins fan.

I don’t have much to cheer for these days, but I do have plenty to cheer against (primarily the Patriots, Jets, and Bills). Unfortunately, there’s a five-year-old around most of the time, which makes talking smack about my rivals a lot harder.

But I think I may have found a solution. Thank God Detective Munch can’t read!

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My Wife is Better Than Me

12 Nov parenting, dad and buried, lifetime moms, sex, marriage, kids, children, moms, motherhood, dads, fatherhood, funny, relationships, gender, gender roles, children, family, lifestyle, home, dad bod

When it comes to parenting, I don’t buy into gender stereotypes or biological imperatives or how they feel on “Mad Men”.

It’s 2015! Parenting tasks are no longer divided solely by gender, at least not in my house. It’s a team effort, a total 50/50 proposition, and moms and dads both have to go all-in to make it work.

That said, there are definitely some things my wife does better than me, and most of them aren’t gender-specific. (Unless you count being sick. Women totally dominate there.)

She had her birthday last week, so I thought I’d share a few of them. Better late than never!

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