Sleepover! (Emphasis on OVER)

Sleepover! (Emphasis on OVER)

A few weeks ago, we planned a babysitting swap with some friends of ours.

They agreed to take our Detective Munch for a night, all night, overnight!, so Mom and Buried and I could go out and pretend to be twenty-year-olds again. More importantly, we could wake up and pretend to be twenty-year-olds again. And then, a few weeks down the line, we would repay the favor. It seemed like a great idea.

This weekend, it was our turn. To take our friends’ two kids.

We didn’t think this through.

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The Chart of Diminishing Returns

The Chart of Diminishing Returns

Kids have an endless capacity for repetition.

I dare you to count how many times yours say “no” or “why” over the course of an afternoon, or how often they want to watch another episode of “Octonauts” or “Rescue Bots”. Sometimes even the same episode!

Children just don’t seem to get sick of things. Parents, on the other hand…

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Girls Can Be Geeks

Girls Can Be Geeks

The other day when I went to pick my son up from daycare, I saw a little girl in his class wearing a super-cool Wonder Woman dress. It wasn’t a Wonder Woman costume; it was a dress emblazoned with a drawing of Wonder Woman. And it was awesome.

I’ve written before about how much I like superheroes and that I want my son to grow up liking them too. Which I think will probably happen.

But what if I had a daughter? When I was a kid, the likelihood of a little girl liking superheroes wasn’t great. But I wasn’t a kid in this day and age. Girls can be geeks too!

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