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[E-card] No Rest for the Wicked

25 Jun

Toddlers Awake e card [E card] No Rest for the Wicked

Fathers and Gums

6 Jun oral-b, oralb, power of dad, lifeofdadshow, parenting, humor, funny, dads, dad blogger, teeth, dental hygiene, justin bieber, parenthood, moms, dads, health, father's day

If you’ve read my blog before, you might not expect me to write a post about my favorite moments as a father. (Even though I already have.)

After all, most of my posts are about the stuff that sucks about being a dad. But that’s all strategy. Like the Cassius Clay of the dad bloggersphere, I lull readers to sleep with angry complaints about my son and parenting and toddlers, only to suddenly sting like a sentimental bee!

Admit it: the optimistic, sappy stuff carries a lot more weight when it comes from a pessimistic, cynical jerk like me. So I parcel it out at key moments, to ambush you and your tear ducts. Usually I reserve the sap for my son’s birthday, like this embarrassment from a few years back. But as Father’s Day approaches, my friends at Oral-B and Life of Dad asked me to write something about the #PowerofDad, so I thought I’d grit my teeth (get it? Teeth? ORAL-B!) and get ‘er done.

So here comes a bunch of crap I like about being a dad. None of which includes brushing my son’s teeth because holy Jesus that’s a nightmare.

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Energy Crisis

4 Jun

Energy Progression Energy Crisis

Parenting Styles: North vs. South

2 Jun north and south, TV, parenting, dad bloggers, Raleigh, Brooklyn, patrick swayze, boyz II men, dads, moms, hipsters, culture clash, brooklyn, parenting styles

About a year and a half ago, we moved to North Carolina. It was fun while it lasted but, as of tomorrow, we’ll be back in Brooklyn.

I guess, despite being a Red Sox fan, I’m a Yankee at my core. But, more importantly, Mom and Buried and I are city folk, and Raleigh just didn’t satisfy that part of us. So we’ve come to the end of the (tobacco) road.

It’s (not that) hard to say goodbye.

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Party Pooper

28 May good-will-hunting_01_jpg_594x334_crop_upscale_q85

Newsflash: Kids are stressful. They disrupt your life, and the lives of the people around them, even when they’re on their absolute best behavior.

That’s why we parents often prefer to hang out with other parents. Not only so we can bitch about the stress to someone who has had similar experiences, but because when there are other kids around, your kid has something to do rather than keep pulling your arm and causing you to spill your drink.

Also because your own kid’s bad behavior is less noticeable when he’s part of a team. There’s strength in numbers. For parents, numbers provide solidarity.

For our children, they provide camouflage. Especially at parties.

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They Want it All

21 May

Toddler Pie chart51 They Want it All

The Parent Lapse

19 May parenthood, parenting, TV, entertainment, pop culture, toddlers, moms, dads, family, life, home, fatherhood, stress, NBC, peter krause, development, childhood

So we have this baby gate. No, we’re not embroiled in some shocking political controversy involving a baby (Babygate, coming soon to theaters near you!), it’s an actual gate for babies.

Like all baby gates, it’s used to prevent babies (and toddlers) from getting places they shouldn’t, particularly staircases (and the Oval Office!). Having exclusively lived in urban apartments, we haven’t had that much need for it, because an apartment with stairs is not an apartment we can afford. However, for the past few months, Detective Munch has been in Grandma and Pop-pop’s house, and Grandma and Pop-pop’s house has stairs. So the baby gate was put back to work.

Except not really. Because I never close it. Because I’m a terrible father.

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Hot Parenting Trends for 2015

16 May hot parenting trends, huffington post, parenting, parenthood, satire, funny, humor, dad blogger, dads, moms, toddlers, children, placenta, movies, baby names, first haircut, umbilical cord, sci-fi movies, science fiction

Parents are some of the most creative people in the world. And also the most insane. Don’t take my word for it, just take a look at the popular new baby names. Or check out Huffington Post’s list of 2014′s hottest new parenting trends.

I get it. Once you become a parent you enter a whole new subculture, with new friends, a new lifestyle, and brand-spanking new priorities. It’s overwhelming and exciting and boring and inspiring! And what better target for a parent’s creativity than their own children?

The Huffington Post may have a line on this year’s latest fads, but I’m doing them one better. I’m predicting 2015‘s new trends! Why? Because I’m a goddamn lunatic! And so are you if you don’t hop on this bandwagon asap.

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[E-card] Powerbawl

30 Apr

lottery32 [E card] Powerbawl


Sleep Study

23 Apr

The Great Bed Robbery logo1 Sleep Study