The Great Pet Moms Controversy

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed a bit of a controversy last week, just before Mother’s Day.

I posted a meme that generated some passionate responses, and for once it wasn’t about Trump or gun control or vaccinating your kids.

This was about pet moms – more specifically, why they’re not actually moms.

I know, I know, calm down. I heard all the comments, and this week on the podcast, I responded as best I could to the controversy. (I shouted out a lot of people for their awesome feedback, and not just those of you who agree with me!)

Pete had no awareness this even was a hot button issue, so it was fun to explain everything to him, including why dog owners who expect Mother’s Day cards are wrong. I always have a good time when I rant. I hope you do too!

Give it a listen (all the podcast links are below the video)! It’s a fun one!

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