Today’s Wordless Wednesday (with some words) revolves around my son’s current obsession: superheroes.

He’s constantly pretending to be one and frequently enlists me in exciting battles, during which he’s usually wearing a costume and always jumping on my private parts.

While I may occasionally sport a mask or two during these games, he almost always wears a cape.

He has a lot of capes.

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The Meme Police

The Meme Police

Two years ago, I took a video of my son pretending to talk on a cell phone. I posted the video on YouTube and it went viral. Not “Charlie Bit My Finger” viral, but it got almost a million views in the first week and was even aired on “The Today Show”.

It was the early days of my blog, and it was the first big burst of attention I received. It was very exciting, and a little weird. Mom and Buried was worried about exploiting Detective Munch and I was worried we weren’t exploiting him enough.

Turns out I was right, as the furor quickly died down and Dad and Buried faded back into obscurity along with the video…


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