Today’s Wordless Wednesday (with some words) revolves around my son’s current obsession: superheroes.

He’s constantly pretending to be one and frequently enlists me in exciting battles, during which he’s usually wearing a costume and always jumping on my private parts.

While I may occasionally sport a mask or two during these games, he almost always wears a cape.

He has a lot of capes.

I love most superheroes (Batman is not a superhero. BOOM!), but I am and always will be a Superman guy, so I’m good with the capes.

Thankfully, even before I showed him the Christopher Reeve films (favorites from my own childhood, featuring a sense of awe and wonder that is still thrilling some 35 years later and has sadly been wholly absent from any recent takes on the character), Detective Munch was already down with the Man of Steel.

Of course, he’s also down with Batman (and Iron Man and Spider-Man and the Flash and the Hulk and Green Lantern, and on and on and on), so when he has a chance, he wears a cape. And then he drops the cape on the floor. He’s supermessy! (Get it?)

One day I got annoyed at the mess and wondered, is there a way I can turn his innocent sloppiness into inappropriate creepiness?

You bet there is!

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