Choosing a Baby Name

Choosing a Baby Name

Choosing a name for your kid is never easy. Especially the second time around.

When things are purely hypothetical, it’s a cakewalk. It’s when the timeline starts shrinking that the panic sets in.

Mom and Buried and I had a little trouble the first time, and things haven’t gotten any easier as we approach the third trimester with our second son. In fact, they’ve gotten much harder. Not only do we have to agree again, the name has to fit with the first kid!

If we have a third (NO CHANCE IN HELL), one of us might lose a limb.

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[E-card] Weekend Parenting

[E-card] Weekend Parenting

My weekends used to be sacred. Then I had a kid, and they became his weekends.

Suddenly, every weekend is packed with activities, and play dates, and birthday parties. I have to take my kid to all of them, which leaves hardly any time for bars! But that doesn’t mean I don’t find ways to relax.

I’m usually a pretty attentive father, but weekend parenting requires a slightly different approach.

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Is there anything more enticing to kids than a bouncy house?

Is there anything more nerve-wracking for parents than a bouncy house?

Most of these unregulated party props serve as manic mosh pits full of kids ranging from toddler to teen, and every one of them leaves their brain outside along with their sneakers. The only thing worse than the maelstrom that ensues should you try to prevent your kid from setting foot inside one of those things (forget Deflategate, Inflategate is REAL!) is the heart attack that ensues while you watch them navigate the bouncy box of doom.

Some holes just weren’t meant to be squeezed through, whether you’re wearing shoes or not!

(Allow me to apologize IMMEDIATELY for that imagery.)

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Today’s Wordless Wednesday (with some words) revolves around my son’s current obsession: superheroes.

He’s constantly pretending to be one and frequently enlists me in exciting battles, during which he’s usually wearing a costume and always jumping on my private parts.

While I may occasionally sport a mask or two during these games, he almost always wears a cape.

He has a lot of capes.

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I guess it’s up to me.

As a prominent voice on the internet and a role model children everywhere, I feel it’s my duty to correct some of the gross generalizations and harmful misconceptions that linger in the world, poisoning impressionable young minds and warping the next generation’s view of the world.

And so I present to you, the first edition of Dad and Buried’s Mythbusters!

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