Blogger Idol 2012: There Can Be Only One

A few weeks ago I got wind of something called “Blogger Idol.”

It’s an online contest run by a couple of insane, obviously bored, objectively wonderful people in an effort to publicize and award some of the best blog writing on the internet.

This is the second year of the competition and after submitting an audition explaining my blog and why I’m the greatest, I find myself among the 13 finalists. Unfortunately, now I’m forced to write an assignment every week in an attempt to outlast the other 12 contestants and win it all.

Like “American Idol” itself, advancement relies on a combination of judges impressions and fans, votes. Which is where you come in.

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Every week, on Wednesday afternoon, I will send out a link to the Blogger Idol page where you can read each blogger’s weekly submission and then vote on the best one. This begins TODAY:


Many of the blogs in the competition have a greater fan-base and readership than mine, so I can definitely use your help. The winner gets a Samsung Galaxy tablet and also I think a seat at the right hand of God during Armageddon, which YES PLEASE. I’d really love to have that great view and if I can get you tickets after I win, I totally will.

You can even play along and get feedback on your own version of the assignment. Hopefully you’ll vote for mine, both because it’s the best and because I’m the best, but you can vote for someone else’s too, if you don’t value my friendship.

So please, stay tuned – especially on Wednesdays when I’ll be posting the voting link – go check out the Blogger Idol page and the other awesome blogs that made the final thirteen (also in my blog roll), and help me in my quest to become 2012’s Blogger Idol!

The voting starts today! So please, click this link and go vote for me. I don’t even care if you read my entry before voting. But this week’s is about Family Traditions and mine is basically all about drinking, so I’m preeeeeeetty sure you’ll want to read it.

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10 thoughts on “Blogger Idol 2012: There Can Be Only One

  1. Hey there, good luck! I wrote an entry for the at home challenge, I can’t wait to read these! Thanks for the link. The page on facebook is very clunky and I can’t see where to read the entries. I will follow your link for the voting.

      1. They have fixed it. It is available right there on the Blogger Idol page now. Great post! Good luck. No resting on those laurels now, keep up the good work. When will they let us know who is advancing?

  2. Hey D&B, I did my democratic duty and voted. I’m curious, did they tell you from the get-go that they would only post your entry on the Idol blog? I am not so bummed now that I didn’t make it seeing the format used to present the posts; my blog wouldn’t make any sense out of context like that, or I would have to adjust to the format of the competition. I know your blog and I have seen how you think, I mean anybody with a toddler being blown away Maxell-style is going to be a little edgy, right?

    Good luck in the weeks ahead. Your blog is one of the best around. Stay true to yourself and your style, dude.

    1. Thanks a lot!

      And great point – I do think people coming to these assignments without having seen my blog might be a little taken aback, and that may go for the judges too.

      But while I may have tweak my style for the competition – depending on the assignment – I won’t be changing much. I made the finals on the strength of my blog (and my audition, which didn’t stray), so there’s at least some appreciation there. Reading the other auditions – and some of the judge’s comments – makes me wonder how much, tho!

      We’ll see! Thanks for reading And voting!

  3. what is wrong with you HATERS!!!!!!!!!! Lauren is amazing..if she wasn’t why did she get to sing with Martina McBride and to you hartes, get the heck off .this whole american idol thing is over so it doesn’t matter.

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