Zombie Post: The Man of Steel Returns

A little more than a year ago, I wrote about the last Superman movie. And how just because the movie was boring, it doesn’t mean the character is. With a new Superman flick a mere months away, I’m hoping to be proven correct.

I love Superman. When I became a father, I was very excited to introduce him to my son, and that process has already begun. He hasn’t seen the original movies yet, but he has several Superman outfits, complete with capes, and he loves watching the “Christopher Reeve tribute” I found on YouTube.

About a year ago, already anticipating this new flick, I wrote about the wrongheadedness of making his son in the last movie “super,” especially since the events on which Superman Returns was piggy-backing made such an occurrence totally impossible. After that debacle, I’m glad they’ve struck out on their own this time around; I even like what I’ve heard of the score! Sure, it means we get another origin story of a character whose origin is as well-known as Truman Burbank’s, but at least it’s been more than thirty years since that story was told on the silver screen.superman, man of steel, movies, russell crowe, kevin costner, parenting, dads, fathers, comics, superheroes, dads, toddlers

The fact that Superman has two fathers, and that the conflict between the values they’ve each instilled in him – or even the way those values complement each other – seems a major theme of this new movie (and much of his mythology in general), gives me a handy excuse to run posts about my favorite superhero without straying too far from the whole “Dad” part of my blog.

Which is why I’ve resurrected last year’s post:

Original Post: Superman Was a Father Too!

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