Dad and Buried’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is next weekend, apparently.

That’s right, I don’t pay much attention to the date, because I don’t care too much about Father’s Day! Don’t get me wrong, Mom and Buried is an amazing gift-giver, so it’s always exciting to see what she comes up with, but I’d trade every gift she’s ever given me for never having to get her anything because my gift-giving abilities pale in comparison to hers and the stress is KILLING ME.

It doesn’t have to kill you, though, because I’m going to help! This year, I have some gift ideas for the dad in your life, with the First Annual Dad and Buried Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Dad and Buried Father’s Day Gift Guide

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  • Puro Headphones: Parents are no strangers to looking silly for their kids, which is part of the reason I had no problem wearing the amazing new Puro Sound Labs Safe Hearing Headphones that Puro sent… to my son. They are too small for my head, but they sound to good to give to my six-year-old! So if you see some clown on the subway with tiny headphones barely covering his ears, don’t judge. They’re too legit to pass up, and this is my holiday! They were designed by a dad after is daughter suffered hearing loss from her headphones, and they are built to keep kids’ ears safe. The studio-grade sound quality is fantastic, they’re bluetooth, and the “volume-limiting ear protection” will both keep your kids ears from getting damaged and will help limit the amount you’ll need to yell when they’re teenagers. And guess what? They make them for adults too! So you can buy them for your husband’s Father’s Day gift and save him from humiliating himself with the kid-sized ones.
  • Tavour: Is there anything better than getting something delivered? Yes, there is: beer. But what if you could get beer delivered? Oh, you can? But can you get beers that aren’t available near you? Rare, random, one-off beers you’ve been dying to try but can’t find? Welcome to Tavour. Billed as “the place for beer fans to find the worldʼs best and rarest beer,” you sign up for Tavour and get emails detailing their latest offerings, and then you can pick and choose which beers you want. They sent me a collection of beers from breweries all over the country, stuff I can’t find even at the infinite beer-selling locations in NYC because some local beers don’t ship to NY and some local beers don’t ship anywhere. That’s a problem. But that’s a problem solved with Tavour. Now I have nine beers I’ve never tried before with which to spend my Father’s Day – while wearing my son’s Puro Headphones so I can drink in peace!
  • Bourbon: Not sure I need to say much more than that. Alcohol is can’t lose gift, be it beer or bourbon or whatever booze your husband or dad prefers. I happen to love bourbon. Every time I visit my parents, my dad busts out some new bottle I’ve never tried and it makes me want to visit more often! My go-to bourbon is Bulleit – particularly their ten-year, with which I might start brushing my teeth it’s so good. On their website they have some recipes, including one for a Bulleit Bloody Mary which just switches out the vodka for some bourbon. That sounds like something to try on Father’s Day morning. You can get bourbon at any local liquor store, and you can use Bulleit’s website to find theirs. It’s truly a bullet-proof (pun intended!) Father’s Day gift.
  • Hunt A Killer: Is there anything better than getting something delivered? We already covered beer, so how about serial killers? (No, Jeffrey Dahmer is not going to show up at your door, don’t make it weird!) If your husband or dad is like me, you’re probably fascinated by serial killers. America just is; Don’t judge. Anyway, with Hunt A Killer you can play profiler, like Clarice Starling or Jack Crawford, or like the super-genius Vincent D’Onofrio played on “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”. Every month you get sent a bunch of materials, including dispatches from a killer, case files, and random little bits – I’m pretty sure they sent me a tooth – and you attempt to solve the case. You can do subscribe on a month-to-month basis or go long-term, and there is an entire community of like-minded weirdos with whom you can exchange notes and get help tracking down these hopefully fictional lunatics.
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  • Man vs. Child: Is your boyfriend or spouse expecting their first kid? Are they looking for something to tell them what to expect? Do they already read this blog every day and they need something else for some reason (it’s okay, I get it. *starts crying*) Try this book from a friend of mine, which is the funniest parenting book I’ve ever read, especially since I’ve literally never read another one and haven’t even finished this one yet! Doug Moe is a comedian and actor and Brooklyn dad who is arguably funnier than I am but definitely a lot more motivated because he has a book! And it’s good! And you can buy it on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere! You’ll laugh! Just don’t forget about me.
  • Dad and Buried Stuff: That’s right, I have stuff! Mom and Buried set me up with my own Red Bubble page via which I can sell Dad and Buried branded merchandise! Just in time for Father’s Day! I told you she was a great gift-giver. The “shop” is a work in progress; so far, there’s a DILF mug my designer friend created just for me, a tote bag, and some random stuff I’m experimenting with that may or may not still be there by the time you click this. Take a look, and let me know if you have any suggestions for stuff you’d like to see. And go buy the mug for your husband!

Happy Father’s Day!

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