Couple Time

Couple Time

Last weekend, my wife and I got a babysitter and went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

This picture was taken on the subway on the way to dinner. That’s my decidedly less glittery hand holding up Mom and Buried’s phone so she can properly apply her eyeliner (I assume it’s eye liner? Don’t @ me!).

For the record: she swears she didn’t realize the scarf matched her iPhone case, and I believe her, because she impulsively grabbed the scarf as we rushed out the door. She had to do her makeup on the G train; we weren’t working with a lot of time! But we’re parents.

We’re never working with a lot of time.

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The Legend of (the) Zelda Birthday Party

The Legend of (the) Zelda Birthday Party

Mom and Buried returns with a look at the epic Zelda-themed birthday party she threw for Detective Munch

Full disclosure: I hate Pinterest.

I find both the interface and 80% of the stuff on there super annoying. But when my kids’ birthdays roll around, I become a temporary Pinterest mom. This was especially true this year, when Detective Munch chose The Legend of Zelda as his theme. There are no Zelda party packs, so it was a challenge. But when all was said and done, it was fun to see him get excited about so much of the stuff he loves from the Nintendo game being incorporated into the party – even if I had no idea what the hell most of it is!

I thought I’d write a summary in case anyone wants some inspiration of their own or for those following me as I prepped on social (I’m on Instagram now! And Facebook! At long last! Move over, D&B, MAMA’S HOME!)

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