Zombie Post: Fantasy Football and Babies

Tomorrow night I’ll be attending my fantasy football draft. That is, if the birth of a child doesn’t get in the way. Not my child, though. Not this time.

Two years ago, about a month before my son was born, I wrote a post comparing my fantasy football draft – the best day of the FF season, by far – and the impending birth of my son. At the time it seemed possible the two dates could conflict, so the post was a (tongue-in-cheek, honey, I swear!) look at which was more important.

Now, two years later, there is no way in hell I’m missing the draft. My first child’s birth was a once in a lifetime thing; his 102nd Friday night is not that big a deal. And I’ve been dealing with his toddler ass for quite a while now; I could use a break.

Of course, this time someone else’s child might be the monkey in the wrench that spoils the party. Children. What a hassle!

Here’s the original post, in which the birth of my son barely edged out my fantasy draft in a battle for the ages:

The Tale of the Tape: Fantasy Draft vs. Birth of Son

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