Zombie Post: Love Trumps All, Unfortunately

Having kids is a constant test. Of your patience, your mettle, your marriage and constantly, your gag reflex.

A year ago at this time, my son was hosting Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. It was gross, and we survived. Then he got it again. Shouldn’t there be a limit to unconditional love?

This June, he has so far escaped that disgusting fate (knock on wood!), but we haven’t escaped the grossness. Because today we are knee-deep in potty training, and this kid is a sprayer.

The post I’m resurrecting today explores the cruel reality that no matter how gross your kids are, or how obnoxious they can be, none of that trumps your devotion to them. Make no mistake: unconditional love kind of sucks. Because I’d really much rather let my son fend for himself when his ass explodes, but no. Stupid biological imperative.

Every time my love for my son is tested, my love wins. Even when it involves fishing though his feces for the penny he swallowed.

It’s bullshit.

Original post: How Much Do You Love Your Kids?

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One thought on “Zombie Post: Love Trumps All, Unfortunately

  1. Mike, I always enjoy your Blog posts & Tweets. And, even though I’m probably twice your age, I CAN relate to much of what you have to say. I was a “Mr. Mom” before the movie! During the first two years, I pretty much did it all with my first son–due to career situations with both my wife and myself. A few years later, due to another career situation, I had the pleasure of being the home guy for my second son, too. Later in life, on my next marriage, I found myself in the unique role of step parent, while helping my wife raise her three children. All five kids are grown and on their own now…

    Last year, as my wife and I quietly and peacefully, began to settle into the role of “empty nesters” BOOM! Our youngest daughter and her husband delivered the news that we were going to be “first time grandparents” to a wonderful little boy, named Eli. He was born last September, and our lives have been forever changed! They live in the same town as us, so we are very involved with them in the parenting of this little guy. And as much as I’ve enjoyed the concept of the simple, uncomplicated, quiet existence of an empty-nester, I wouldn’t trade a minute of THAT for the precious time I get to spend with our “Little E”.

    Just think: I was all ready to become a crotchety old fart. Instead, I’m crawling on the floor, playing with my new best friend. I’m not preparing for old age. I’m too busy enjoying life. And it’s all because of this little miracle. “A Baby Changes Everything.”

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