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I, Dad and Buried (aka Mike Julianelle), am a forty-something Brooklyn dad who is sharing my experiences as a father and whining about the ways the existence of my sons (Detective Munch is eightn, The Hammer is two) – not to mention the myriad responsibilities surrounding their existence – are destroying my social life.

This blog serves as a continual diary of my development as a father and – soon! – as an expert parent with the world’s first and only PERFECT CHILDREN. Expect some pictures, maybe even a video or two. But no judgment. Because I don’t truck with that.

And rest assured, no matter how much I may whine about my kids, and about my life, I still…, I still…, um…

I forgot what I was going to say.

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30 thoughts on “Who Am I

    1. Best advise I got AFTER my kids were to old for me to use it:
      When your child is up crying at night and you normally would take him out for a drive; instead, put your child in the car seat and put him on top of the dryer. Turn it on and the warmth, noise, and gentle movement put them to sleep in no time.

      (If that doesn’t work, I guess, try putting him IN the dryer : )

  1. “Fatherhood is a crucifixion. You die by degrees, with your arms outstretched.”

    — Stephen Wright, “M31: A Family Romance”

      1. Yeah, I somehow sensed that you might.

        The novel as a whole is just as awesome. Criminally underappreciated.

  2. awesome.

    Welcome to friggin parenthood and the beginning of the decline of our lives and the ascendence of the lives of our kids….AKA the greatest things we’ll ever produce, oh and maybe (if we’re lucky) the few blog posts they inspire. 😉 Enjoy all the bittersweet. It’s worth it. Especially the cussing. Oh yes…..there will be cussing.

  3. Hey Dad, just came across your site and enjoy your deep “joy” of fatherhood. Seems you have a lot in common with me and my writing partner, Jenny. We are team of frustrated moms sick of trying to live the myth of parental bliss. Hope you’ll stop by and check us out. Will be adding you to the blog roll over at http://www.ImperfectMommy.com. You can also find us on Facebook at Imperfect Mommy.


    1. And you sound like a person with no sense of humor and hopefully didn’t have kids for countless reasons based on one sentence.

      Mike, your 10 reasons why you ‘hate’ your son brought me here. Priceless.

  4. Discovered you through my friend Dani over at Martinis and Minivans. I love your sarcasm. And I especially love all the negative comments people have left on your blog! Screw them. You’re funny.

    Welcome to North Carolina! From a Southern California transplant 😉

    Leigh at http://www.leighbones.com

    1. Haha, thanks. My sense of humor is not for everyone, I know. But I love those comments that don’t get me. They are usually funnier than anything I could ever come up with. Thanks for reading!

  5. Just found your blog! Best articles I’ve read on parenting by far! Wish there were more parents like you – completely honest with how hard parenting is…can’t wait to read more of your hilarious posts!

  6. Hey Dad and Buried – I just found your website on Scary Mommy. You are quite a brilliant writer, not to mention hilarious! Even more, you sound like a pretty amazing Father and an outstanding Husband! (A definite rarity in this day and age.) Anyway – Just wanted to give you a shout out, you are doing a great job, I look forward to reading a lot more from you!

  7. Hafa Adai (Hello)! Dad,

    My beautiful 18yr old daughter had sent me a link to this site on sons needing protection too (I have a 7 & 8yr old, handsome boys they are) and I foresee myself being the “Don’t you dare hurt my sons or you’ll deal with me!” mentality. I cringe at the very thought of that googly eyes looking their way all the while my head is red hot and steam coming out of my ears as I grow my evil horns and snarling!! YOU JUST GOT “MAULED!” MMMmm.. that wasn’t so.. bad. NEXT!! A’s I wipe my mouth and straighten my hair and clothes as I ask my sons, “Hey! You guys wanna go watch a movie?”

    I found your column to be quite hilarious! I love the letter to future potential date! Just love it! Thank you for the dose of reality and great humor, no doubt!

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  9. Hey Mike,
    I’m reaching out to you for your dad expertise!

    I have a client who sells the original recipe hot dog from 1867 (all natural, no nitrates-added, no fillers) and I want to know if you would be interested in receiving a free sample and reviewing it?

    It’s honestly delicious and has a ton of press already. Just google Feltman’s of Coney Island and you’ll see for yourself. We’ll send you the money to purchase and all you have to do is post about it with your honest opinion.

    Let me know what you think!


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