Six Ways Kids Ruin Your Life

Having kids changes your life in many ways, and not always good ones.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to vent about the irritating ways my son’s existence has forced me to alter my own and to show the world that having kids doesn’t need to change everything. Yes, becoming a parent definitely changes capital-E Everything, but it doesn’t have to change little-e everything.

So far, Mom and Buried and I have done a pretty good job of maintaining some semblance of our old lives even as the constant, daily, inescapable presence of a (now) toddler has forced us to make certain adjustments. Certain inconvenient and annoying adjustments.

We’ve been doing okay. But we haven’t been able to avoid every headache. Because kids ruin your life.

Six Ways Kids Ruin Your Life

Sleeping: Duh.

parenting, parenthood, funny, humor, what parents eat, food, dinner time, meals, feeding a toddler, dads, moms, stress, nutrition, dad and buried, wordless wednesdays, food pyramid Eating: I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Then I got married. And a few years after that, I had a kid. Now, every time I crack the pantry he spots something he wants and starts losing his shit until he gets it. Even when it’s dinner time and we’re all eating the same thing, he wants what’s on my plate. Even though he has the same exact thing on his plate. I used to think he was stupid, but now I know he’s just in the early stages of taking everything that’s mine and making it his. For the rest of his life. Just because he can.

Entertainment: I used to be able to watch and listen to whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Then I got married. A few years after that, I had a kid. Now, not only can’t I go to the movies, when I’m home I have to hide the good stuff from him, i.e., anything with violence or bad language or sex, I have to sit through the garbage he likes, and fill my DVR with episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba and Curious George and Thomas the Stupidest Effing TV Show of All Time.

Having Sex: I used to be able to have sex with whomever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Then I got married. A few years after that, I had a kid. Now the wife and I have three options: first thing in the morning, in the rare (hellish) instance we wake up before our son; when we go to bed, if we’re not so exhausted we can barely even kiss good night; during his nap, provided he doesn’t wake up in the middle and start crying, thus obliterating any possibility of enjoying it. I mean, I can usually power through, but my wife’s interest completely dries up.

parenting, dad and buried, funny, kids, two kids, ruins your life, humor, dad bloggers, mommy bloggers, dads, fatherhood, kidsDrinking: The good news is he’s not yet at the age when drinking in front of him raises uncomfortable questions, like “can I have some?” or “are you an alcoholic?” or “why do you hate your life?” But with a toddler around, I can’t go out drinking as much and I have to get bombed a little less and being hungover is a thousand times worse. Worst of all, day drinking is almost impossible, either because we’re hanging out with our kid at the same time, or because we have to hang out with him when we get home and the babysitter leaves, and that’s no good. A toddler doesn’t need to be eating what I eat for dinner after I’ve spent six hours drinking in the sun. Believe me.

Being an Idiot: I used to be able to jaywalk. I used to be able to speed. I used to be able to curse at jay-walkers while I was speeding. I used to be able to not get a flu shot. I used to be able to sleep til noon for no reason. I used to be able to do all manner of stupid shit without even a second thought. Then I got married. A few years after that, I had a kid.

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56 thoughts on “Six Ways Kids Ruin Your Life

    1. Yes it does, but guess what, you don’t have to sign up for it. Everyman should think long and hard about getting a vasectomy before he gets married. Or better yet, don’t get married. Let women know up from you want no part of parenting and that the option is no longer available. And women need to wake up and realize, if they want kids so damn bad, then get an education and a job that will allow you to raise a kid on your own. Never expect a man to be the caretaker or an absent paycheck. I am sick and tired of people trying the same thing that their parents did and ending up with the same result. Tired, pissed off, divorced parents and kids splitting their time with tired pissed off parents. They grow up to have kids thinking they can do it better, guess what, they don’t. Somebody please stop this vicious stupid cycle!

      1. “Never expect a man to be a caretaker” Okay, that is legitimately RIDICULOUS. Parents HAVE to be caretakers dude! That’s the main part of being a parent is taking care of your kid! Sure it’s not ideal for one or the other parent to be the main caretaker, they should work as a team to share the burden for the wellbeing of their kid and each other.

        the idea of pre-marital vasectomy is a good one though b/c men cannot trust women, they (women) suffer what’s called the “biological clock” they’ll try to get pregnant even though they know it’s a burden they will regret.

      2. I am posting on this site, I guess to vent, and to give my opinion on this matter. I have been with a girl that has kids for 7 years now. At the start, it was just sex. I met her 3 kids early on (7) (9) (11). I was 27. I went to her insane asylum (Trailer she was living in with the 3 kids plus typically 2 or 3 of her friends/family’s kids) I quickly realized this was retarded and stayed away from the kids for the most part. I told her early on that I wasn’t really interested in being a dad and honestly Im probably not the best role model for kids as I like to stay up late sometimes, drink, smoke, cuss, and say vulgar jokes in the appropriate company. She was fine with this because she liked the sex and I was nice in general i assume. I never treated her kids poorly, I just knew i was easily annoyed and not interested in doing kid stuff or things with kids for more than a few hours a week. This went on for about 3 years. She lost the trailer because she could not afford it and was living with her mom. Her mom was a bitch and charged her for everything under the sun, all 4 of them lived in 2 bedrooms with just mattresses on the floor. The kids were getting older and bigger and needed more space. Eventually her and her mom had a blowout and she hastily moved out to a friends house and the kids were sleeping on a dog shit covered floor in the dirty friends house. Against my better judgement i moved out of the place I was staying (for CHEAP, SOOOOO CHEAP) and rented a house in my name as her house had been forclosed. Put all bills in my name and we all moved in. Almost immediately it was hell, my girlfriend changed, she expected everything under the sun from me. The kids do nothing but trash the house, expect money everyday, dont want to eat anything. 2 constantly fight to the point i do not travel in the car with them together whenever possible. I feel myself changing. I used to be rather tolerant but that is gone. I have been broken down so bad and miss the stuff i used to have so bad. If i were to leave now, it would be bad for everyone except me. The only reason i got this deeply involved was because i felt sorry for her and the kids. I dont wish anything bad for them and really want to just help out, but the amount of shit they take for granted in unreal. Its been 7 years and im done. Im slowing organizing all my shit and will begin plans to ensure they are ok without me for atleast the first 6 months. I tried my best but I just cant do it any longer. Dating a chick with kids is a BAD idea. Especially if you dont have any of your own. I will never get this involved with a chick with kids EVER again and if you like your life, money, stuff, privacy, etc then dont EVER do it. Learn from my mistake if you see yourself in this post.

      3. As a single mom, I never depended on my ex for anything because although he wanted kids, he just didn’t really want any part of parenting them, because he never grew up himself. And guess what? Women are sick of this shit too. So yeah I guess you would be a poor choice for anything to do with fatherhood, so good on you warning women away.

    2. This article is bull.
      Any “parent” supporting this article is weak-minded and clearly can’t see the real problem ruining their life – themselves.

      I have a 5 year old. We’re best friends…partners in crime if you would.
      Sleep? I wake him up – Being awake early…is called being an adult. Try coffee.
      Eating? I’ve sternly taught my toddler to eat what’s in front of him or he doesn’t eat…guess what he does? Eats.
      Entertainment? Try NOT watching so much damn TV. I hold off on the “bad shows” until after bed time promptly at 8. Go outside and play, that way they’ll fall asleep even earlier.
      Sex? We have plenty of it. How!? Bed time is promptly at 8. Weekend mornings (She’ll wake up if it’s worth waking up to).
      Drinking? Bed time is promptly at 8. Either have friends over, or call a babysitter. Stop making excuses, fun doesn’t ALWAYS include liquor.
      Being an idiot? No. That’s called being immature. Grow up, grow a pair, and you’ll soon realize having a child has nothing to do with the list of childish actions listed there.

      My significant other & I don’t make much money, but we make enough to do fun sht, and if we don’t we simply invite friends over to do fun sht without spending money. You must change yourself to avoid having your life ruined, and the last thing you should be doing is blaming your child. A child is a gift, not an excuse.

      1. Wow, you sound awesome dude. Best friends with a five year old. What a great life you have, loser.

      2. It’s not bull at all. Different things make people happy and not everybody wants to live the same life. Some of us like having more money, more freedom, and constant nerver-ending sacrifice for nothing or next to nothing in return isn’t for everybody. You’re happy with that deal? Great. Crack yourself open a beer–or a root beer if it is before 8pm when you try to tape your nuts back on. But not everybody is so thrilled with that deal.

      3. The elephant in the room here is that you somehow ended up on this article, and I wonder what you searched for in Google to get here… Aren’t there better things to be doing with your time after 8? Guess not…

      4. OMG I so want to punch you in the face, you wannabe male. Best friends with a 5 year old “gift” and using the phrase “my significant other” are a clear indication you don’t have a life and you’re clearly a pu**y whipped mangina.

  1. This was hilariously spot on, I’m afraid. You get some of that stuff back when they get older. However, you’re still married so hopefully you like doing the same things. They still take your shit (the kids).

    1. Exactly! The human race needs to seriously slow down its replication. Maybe go for about 5 years with zero birth rate and then rethink procreation going forward. Only very kind gentle caring souls have the patience to care for children. The rest of us need to stay out of their way and enjoy our lives without them.

  2. I can not even finish this, it’s too funny and my kid is napping while breast feeding so every time I laugh I’m afraid she will wake. One more thing I can’t do lol.

  3. I’m sure that it is different for everybody but for me, HAVING CHILDREN HAS RUINED MY LIFE. I have an 8 yo and a 1 yo. I have next to zero time or money for myself. My happy marriage is over. I now have a roommate instead of a wife. I love both of my children but, if I could go back, I would not do this again. Anyone reading this may question why I did it? My wife really needed to be a mom. Looking back, I should not have married a woman who wanted to have children. I dread every day of my life. Parenthood is a joyless burden to me. Warning to prospective parents.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, we’ve just split up, and i only really had the kids cos that’s what she wanted most in life, now i’m stuck paying CSA for the rest of eternity living in some poxy bed sit till (if I can even afford to) I drink myself to death whilst wishing I had been more selfish and said no i don’t want kids!

      1. Same here. Had a kid because she gave me the ultamatum and then after the kid, she completely withdrew from the relationship anyway. There was no marriage left at all. Just a platonic-at-best but usually hostile chore sharing arrangement afterwards. I went through with my end of the bargain and then got totally screwed in every way other than sex (which completely disappeared).

        But, I’m not going to let it defeat me. I’ll have to rebuild my life from scratch. But I’m still young enough to try again, but a bit wiser this time. I’ve sort of been busted back to living like a 25 year old, looking for dates and living with half the budget I did. But, it beats living in a dead marriage.

    2. I am so sorry you found out the hard way. Thanks for being so honest so that maybe others will think twice before they jump in and have kids. I hope things improve for your family soon. Hang in there, it will get better.

      1. I wish my parents had warned me about the pitfalls of having kids. I’m going to warn mine before it’s too late

    3. Here’s the female perspective, women feel kids ruined their fairytale marriage too. I had a great marriage, never fought, sex every 2 days… until we adopted 2 kids. Now we fight all the time and are lucky to have sex once a week when I haven’t pissed him off or him me. Guys, it’s not just you. I thought I’d never be happy till I became a mother, now I just want to go back to the days of traveling the world and walking around my house naked playing hide and sex with me and my once awesome husband that made me laugh. So my advice is buy a puppy and stay childless.

  4. News flash! Just because a man throws a ball to a little kid does not mean he wants to be a dad. Do not get married and then bring up the kid idea. If you ask before you get married and he says something vague like, oh, maybe some day, take that as a no. Face it, dads really only become dads because they are pressured to do so. So stop pressuring people to do things they will regret later ladies. If you want a kid, get rich on your own, go to the sperm bank and hire some help. And don’t bring them to the sushi bar and expect the rest of us to think that’s cute. Keep it home until it is a disciplined human being, even if that means it is 21 before you can ever leave the house.

    1. “I you want a kid, get rich on your own, go to the sperm bank and hire some help.” Just like God intended! Obvious MRA is obvious.

    2. Well my HUSBAND is the one who wants them so it’s not only the gal there folks. Sorry to say.
      I’m a free spirited “do WTF I wan’t ” type and I am over 40. Not thinking things are going to change over here any time soon. I love to sleep late, eat what I want/when I want. I love to have sex, parties, quiet time to read and watch whatever movies I want, travel, work, volunteer, etc……
      I babysat my friend’s 2 year old son once and I could have sworn that 4 hours went by when I realized I wanted to stab myself in the neck with a pencil. I looked at the clock and it had only been 10 minutes. Um… Lesson learned.

  5. I’m so frustrated 2 the point I don’t know if I should even think about dating anymore. There’s one I know I really like but I know they got babies in mind. I’m like “WHy would you wanna throw ur life away? For what” Girls are like a trap. They look cool, they’re fun, you do all kinds of shit together and have a great time. THen when they want kids. All the shit that you got a bitch in the first place all go away. THey’re no longer fun, they’re no longer cool or anything. They don’t give a fuck about you and all they do is complain about their shitty life and why you do just love sitting at home being miserable. Thinking about just sticking to porn.

    1. 1) Don’t call women bitches
      2) It’s not our fault that society pressures us into reproducing. The pressure is horrible and also it is innate to have offspring (I refused however thank GOD).

      3) Stop dating until you can go out with childfree women who have no more follicles….age 47 is a pretty safe bet. Make sure she doesn’t have money for donor eggs to do IVF and/or private adoption and you will be fine. However, menopause is around the corner there somewhere at that time so IDK. I hear it’s bad. Again, not our fault.

      4) It’s true that having kids changes women…..why? Because it sucks! It ruins your body, self image, stresses you out and ages you at least 10 years! I am over 40 and people think I am 25 all the time. I attribute it to not having kids. I plan to look hot way into my 60s and 70s if I can….relatively speaking of course.

      5) You can have a woman AND porn. My husband and I partake together often 🙂 He’s in his 50s and we also watch sports, eat dinner in bed at 3am and travel anywhere we want.

      Life is good.

      1. HAHA Bitch is just a figure of speech. I admit to being a bit for lack of a better word , “ghetto”. At least in some ways. I live in Miami after all. I love women and have never disrespected anyone. No one I know including girls shy away from flinging the B word with regularity.. It’s a term of endearment . Sounds like you found your match. Which is a good thing. While I suppose there is pressure from society to have kids, From my experience, the women don’t seem to need any pressure. No matter how edgy and un-suzie homemakerish they seem, the last one turned out to be a soccer mom trapped in body of a rockstar groupie. She totally tricked me!! There are many couples that do stay the same after kids. My niece has 4 and looks like her teenage daughters older sister. Most don’t though. But most ppl who seem so dull after family in my view would probably be equally uninspiring even if they were childless. I stick to tatted up edgy stripper types which are right up my alley anyway. I can’t imagine me dating anyone over 30. ever. That’s never happening. Maybe when I’m like 60 or so. Maybe. or not. I’ve been just trying to show my new girl such a good time that she wouldn’t even think about fucking things up. So far so good. Strangely, If I did have kids. I think I could manage to do it all. STill be a world class athlete, still do all the things that I do, which is alot. still have the hot bitch all fine as fuck,( opps, I meant lovely young maiden. so very gentle, delicate, possessing a most comely frame.) And not turn into a couple of frumpy old slugs overwhelmed with the drudgery of family life, resigned to wearily shuffling through the dreary, monotonous routine while all those missed opportunities zip by, never to be seen again. Consigned in our exhaustion to sprouting roots on the couch in gleeful anticipation of wheel of fortune and jeopardy. enduring the passing years with the enthusiasm of a lengthy dental procedure, just existing, waiting to die. I’d never let that happen. I’m very extreme, like I got a constant I.V. drip of crack flowing through my veins. I never stop moving , or laughing. She’d have to be pretty damn spectacular to get me to give in. Which I sometime get that unsettling sense of inevitability. KInda like the realization that you’re gonna die someday. I don’t know, I’d probably love every minute of it if the lovely maiden was cool enough and was up to the challenge. But I’m hoping to avoid it. Unfortunately, the whiles of Fine maidens are my kryptonite. I actually was married for a long time. Great marriage, not a harsh word between us for 14 years. She didn’t want kids, it was perfect. But a massive car accident and ensuring brain injury wiped out much of my memory at the time and I experience a total personality change. After years of recovery, I didn’t come back the same and didn’t even remember my wife or even like her at all. So I’m starting over. Didn’t realize I’d have to think about kids again cuz I thought I had to all settled.

    1. Yep…dodged one bullet. Now have to think of some kind of creative way to bypass that whole nasty menopause fiasco. Ichhhh

  6. How did all these kid-hating people find this blog? lol As long as Caillou stays off my TV I think it’s worth it 🙂 But to each his own….. just don’t make your kids suffer because you regret your choices. It’s not their fault.

  7. I am a mother of a 14 yr old boy. I had huge doubt about having a kid, but succumbed to societies expectation finally at 38. Biggest mistake I ever made. I have hated every stage of being a mother. Yes, it totally ruined my life, and it upsets stresses and angers me almost every single day. Warning to prospective parents – if you think it’s not for you BE STRONG and trust your instincts cos there’s no going back. Absolutely anything else you commit to that turns out badly you can get out of. Not this. If he ever becomes half decent I’ll be too old to care, and then he’ll inherit all the money I killed myself to earn.

    1. Omg I’m so sorry. Teenagers are THE WORST. Simply overhearing them in public makes me want to turn around them and smack them. They appreciate NOTHING, listen to NO ONE and treat their parents like total SHIT. I wouldn’t wish one on my worst enemy.
      Sorry 🙁

    2. I keep hearing this phrase, or something close to it: “succumbed to societies expectation”. Society doesn’t even know you exist, let alone care whether or not you have kids. For some people there’s genuine pressure from loved ones (family, friends, spouses) to have kids, although usually it’s just that they keep bringing it up, though that’s only really a source of irritation that aught to stop with a simple heart-to-heart conversation (and if it doesn’t then those relationships are dysfunctional and it isn’t your fault). At 38 your biological clock would be screaming at you to have kids, the bio-chemical changes that you undergo at that time in your life quite literally alter your brain, there are actual neurological changes that can be visibly seen on an MRI scan, and all of this essentially is your biology creating a delusion that there is an urgent problem that can only be solved by getting pregnant; this is the real reason behind the *majority* of the perceived societal pressure to have kids amongst women of that age.

  8. I was just thinking how difficult it is to raise the family in the UK. All my colleagues at work don’t have a family and any children. The thing is they like spending their time in the pub (most of the time) and clubbing. I don’t enjoy any of this and would not have done this even if I did not have my kids. But what makes me upset is the staggering cots associated with childcare (at £12 per hour and still difficult to find someone decent and reliable – constant stress). Another issue is going holiday – cannot be flexible anymore and leave things last minute. Have to plan family friendly places and slavishly follow the little monsters and doing what they tell you to (which is most probably less trouble that objecting). No choice anymore in doing anything, which is quite sad.

    1. And that is nothing! Check out the site….where all the nanny’s get on and talk about how much they get paid (in NYC the going rate is around 70k to 80k net)!!!!!!! They also get paid holidays, vacations, bonuses and their taxes paid!!! Yes! It’s true!

      Hey….if one of you nanny gals can guarantee me 150% that you will be on time, be respectful (i.e.: not use emotional blackmail tactics to force me to keep you around), raise my child to be respectful to adults and convince them to spend the rest of their life dedicated to humanitarianism then I’ll consider it. Otherwise…..go on back to Central Park and sit your fat ass down and keep texting while my kid nearly kills himself on the jungle gym. That’s all I see you do anyway.

  9. I am a woman who wants to be child free, I do not want to date a man with kids. its incredible hard to meet men who don’t want to procreate! I am not ruining my awesome life to become mean and no fun mom. I guess society makes everyone thinks they should have children, but I am definitely not cut out for that.

    1. How did you determine that it’s difficult to find men who don’t want to procreate? Most men only pretend that they’d, “Like to some day.”, because they think most women want kids and don’t want to get turned down for being honest about it. Always start that conversation with a blunt and open statement that like this: “I don’t ever want kids. Ever!”. Most men don’t want kids, but if you start by asking him if he wants kids he’ll quite reasonably assume you’re asking because you want kids and he’ll tell you a partial lie that looks something like: “I don’t want them right now, but I would like to *someday*”. Most of the time “someday” really means “never”. But if you only say that you don’t want kids after asking him then he’s stuck, either he admits that he lied, tries to weasel out of it, or gets rejected as incompatible and keeps his dignity (for what it’s worth). You might think it’s shitty for a man to lie like that, and it is really, but if you could live as a man and go dating for just one year you’d understand why: women have no concept of how hard constant rejection without feedback is! (They think they do, but of the few women who have transitioned to become men and at least one that I know of who with coaching and clever makeup lived as a man for a while, they all came to realise the truth). Men feel like if they can only get their foot in the door they’ll be seen for who they really are and things will be great… Naive, but the lie is just getting his foot in the door rather than a bad omen of the future of the relationship.

  10. Yep. Reading this has definitely confirmed my aversion to ever having kids. Another thought, you’re probably going to have to help them study in school. I don’t know how some people ever have kids and are such perfect parents.

  11. I just took this as a semi-joke, a sarcastic way of desribing the woes of parenthood that we all feel but it isnt polite to say, which my friends and I do together all the time. Relax people.

  12. Go ahead , spit out a kid or two … See just how fast your paycheck goes away, how fast your home is a complete effing wreck, how fast your sex life dries up, how fast your nice car becomes a “trash can ” on wheels !
    A nice quiet evening out with your lady becomes a sloppy, noise filled excursion to McDonalds with copious amounts of varied food products ending up everywhere except in the child. And what used to be a nice $50 meal for the two of you just became a $125 experience of “I gotta have that to eat “. Only to end up watching 75% of it going in the garbage can. Just the same as your once free and exciting life will as soon as you decide to procreate !
    Don’t forget , when they DO finally grow up, they most likely will reproduce on their own. Now there are even more if them. Miniature versions of themselves if you will. As grandparents, you will be expected to start this vicious cycle again. There is no end. You are now just like the hamster on that little wheel. Constantly running at full capacity, never getting anywhere, yet you are too stupid to realize the view never changes. Being a parent has sucked for me. So is being a grandparent. So I say to you young people. Think twice, and then still say “NO”. At 50, it’s too late for me, let me go, I’m done for. SAVE YOURSELVES !

  13. I know with a very stark certainty that I have ruined my life. I’ve lost everything.

    I don’t have a home anymore. It’s my son’s home. His clutter will be anywhere and everywhere, and I have to creep around like a burglar in the dark to avoid disturbing him.

    I have lost my freedom. His schedule rules our life. Even when he doesn’t need anything at the moment, there is a constant cycle of rote tasks involving never-ending prep or cleanup. I live like a slave.

    I’ve lost my hope and dreams. It seems that all anybody ever thinks about me is in respect of my capacity to support my son, either financially or otherwise. Anytime I want to do something, it always gets quashed by someone saying “But the baby….”

    I’ve lost my love. I used to have a glamorous and engaging lover. We had such a powerful and passionate love. People would even comment on how in love we were. Now, there is literally nothing else she cares about other than our son and she has nothing left at all for me. The only attention I get is either perfunctory recognition upon performing some baby related task or errand, or (more commonly) annoyance and scorn if something I do (no matter how big or small) is not to her liking. Yet, our son can be howling at 4am and peeing on her and she will be the very soul of patience. But, I’ll get bitched out if I forget to use a coaster. I feel no love from her at all. She regards me with no warmth and our relationship has become cold and formal. It wouldn’t be so painful if I weren’t still in love with her. Even though I know that beautiful woman laughing in the cocktail dress is gone, and no matter how many flowers, candle lit dinners and other overtures (including watching our son for the day while I send her on luxurious outings) I shower at the feet of that scowling, indifferent woman in the housecoat and bun, she’s not coming back.

    I cry inside every day when I think of how happy I was and what a wonderful life I had compared to now. I’ve gone from the happiest man in New York to undergoing serious counseling for depression and grief.

  14. omg so funny, but I feel bad for the OP…I took the red pill years ago, well not so much took as much as had it jammed down my throat by my married friends. All of them sound like the OP lol. And to you people saying he should man up or whatever, go skydive sans parachute. If you like being a parent thats fine but dont shove your ideas and opinions down others throats. It sounds more like you want to mindtrick people into thinking kids is some good thing and life changing event, FFFFFFFFFF- that

  15. U don’t have to say that mean stuff.Sure kids can be crazy but sometimes they help u.They don’t mean too. We were all kids once.We grew.The point of being a kid is growing up and having fun with it.In some ways we kinda ruin their lives sometimes.

  16. Yes it’s true kids ruin your sex life so I’ve used myotaut serum for protect my sex life and I can definitely tell the difference, considering I’ve had 3 vaginal births. I’m certain my man is enjoying himself even more so as well. He’s like damn girl you feel amazing!! I look forward to many more extremely pleasurable moments and the long lasting results to follow!! This serum a sex life changer for sure!

  17. Kids bedrooms next to ours…. bad idea dont do that! Put your and your spouses personal space as far away as possible. Hey when they are newborn you must accomidate of course. The kids are just entering the teens. Ive suggested that they could each have giant sized pads in the basement but no…they like where they are at. Do they know what a pain in the ass they are being?…fn little cock blockers.

    Fuck it. They are moving to the basement. I’ll be doing them and me a favor. Their first tiny step in moving out! Get out get out get the fuck out! I wanted them and love them but seriously…its reached the next stage…we all need some distance and independance now. Its a natural and healthy progression.

  18. Think you’ve got it bad? I ADOPTED! Yes really. And not even HER kids, no these are kids from families so fucked up that they had their kids taken off them. And surprise surprise, the kids are fucked up too. Don’t ever believe the ‘nature vs. nurture’ argument. Nature winds hands down every single time. Unless you’re a PhD in Psychology and a saint, you have zero chance of them being anything but useless little bastards full of anger, spite and malice against the people who are trying to help them. It’s cost me money, time, emotion, and sanity – all for absolutely nothing. They’re not even my biological fucked-up brats. I have basically enabled the procreation of the scum of the Earth. 3 years until the youngest is 18 and then he can go, He can sleep on the fucking street or go to jail for all I care, it’s where he’s gonna end up anyway. It’s been Hell and I wish I’d NEVER done this.

  19. This made me laugh, and I needed to laugh about how I feel. I thought it would just make my aggravated feelings spiral even lower, as articles I google like, “I hate being a mom” or “Living in a small house with kids sucks” or “why are kids so annoying” but it didn’t it made me feel validated and relieved that some one else feels the same way. So thanks! I don’t have any friends or family I can talk to about these feelings. And I’m often home, alone, having to be my child’s parent, friend, and soul source entertainment, she won’t play with her toys or video games. Just wants to directly interact and talk at me for 18 hours straight. And I don’t like it. The wanting the food on the plate thing, I could totally identify with! LMFAO

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