Zombie Post: A Commercial Disappointment

Forgive me for not having the energy to come up with an original post today. The Super Bowl took it out of me.

Which is weird, since I was practically napping throughout the entire first half. Then Beyoncé showed up to get extravagantly praised (really? her enthusiasm is insane but the halftime show seemed like typical, generic and overblown pop spectacle to me) and the Illuminati turned out the lights, allowing the 49ers (if you believe the hype) to get their mojo back and make it a game, only to blow it at the 5-yard line, allowing the thoroughly unlikeable Ravens to win their second ring.

Oh well. At least the commercials were good. Except they weren’t, despite the presence of multiple babies.

Which reminded me of my son’s brush with virality. In November 2011, I posted a video of my son pretending to chat on a cellphone. It took off, getting picked up by every site from Yahoo to the Huffington Post, eventually even being shown on “The Today Show.” You’d think with 900,000 views my son would have been flooded with offers to star in the next great Super Bowl commercial. It didn’t happen, so we’re stuck with models making out with “It’s Pat” in uncomfortable, lingering close-up.

But you can’t tell me the video below isn’t more entertaining than pretty much every spot that we saw yesterday.

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