GOT TODDLERED: Christmas Edition

A few years ago, I created a few memes based around the way my toddler had commandeered different aspects of my life. Little did I know, I had barely seen the tip of the iceberg. But you all knew!

I recently asked for some submissions from my readers of photos that might make good “got toddlered” material. And I got some doozies.

Being as the holiday is only two days away, today’s new “Got Toddlered” is a Christmas edition!

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Thanks to Facebook reader Jason Marcil for the photo submission! Send yours to me at

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2 thoughts on “GOT TODDLERED: Christmas Edition

  1. The cage around the Christmas tree – classic sign of a toddler! Our ‘got toddle red’ example is having all of our kitchen drawers and cupboards secured with child proof locks, that only cause our toddler to persist in trying to open them and then yell when he can’t…

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