Bedtime is Hell

It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times, it’s bedtime.

You’ve done it, you’ve survived another day of parenting, and your reward – a few hours of adult TV, a glass of wine or beer, and a little blissful silence – is just around the corner. But first, you have one more challenge: putting your kids to bed!

This week on the Dad and Buried podcast, we dive into the bedtime routine, with all the pre-bed duties, going-to-bed-rituals, repeated trips back and forth to the kids’ rooms, why melatonin is a life-saver, and more. We cover it all, and there’s a lot to cover, because bedtime is hell!

So settle in and let our anger over being forced to search for the missing toy, or read the third book, or find the hiding kid remind you that you’re not alone!

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