Thanks For Leaving Dads Out of This One!

My wife often gets sad when she thinks about how fast Detective Munch is growing up. She’s not alone.

Many parents have anxiety about this, and it’s not just moms. But it is especially moms, at least in my house. And I imagine it will only get worse for Mom and Buried when our son enters puberty and starts having eyes for women other than her.

So it’s not surprising that Old Spice would play on moms’ fears, as they do in their latest commercial, “Mom Song”.

What is surprising is how terrifying the resulting commercial is. And how much scarier it could have been.

I get less sad about all the “they grow up so fast!” issues, for reasons I’ve previously explained (see link above), but I’m still human. I notice the same things Mom and Buried does.

And as much as I complain about my toddler, the thought of having an actual teenager to contend with occasionally make me want to eat ice cream and have a good cry. So much so that I have half a mind to rail about dads not being included in this commercial!

And then I reconsider.

First of all, I’m not that kind of blogger. Second of all, can you imagine how fucking nightmarish this ad would be if it focused on DADS?

Goodbye funny, helloooooo protesters!

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One thought on “Thanks For Leaving Dads Out of This One!

  1. Funny I just posted on this. I am a mom and yes it was a waaaah where are my babies gone post, so I’m with your wife there. As for Dads, my husband has often said how much he’d love another baby, and how much he misses having a little one. After four I said he would have to learn to live without another!
    On teenagers, yes they do have their moments but then so do babies. They are also great company and I find it fascinating to see how they are turning out.

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