Begun, the PopWars Have

I love popcorn.

Last night I actually woke up with a stomachache because I ate too much popcorn. But that won’t stop me from being a popcorn fan, intestinal pain be damned!

I also love Star Wars. I’ve actually woken up in pain at the memory of the prequels. But that won’t stop me from being hopeful about the upcoming movie, Harrison Ford looking 300-years-old/not having been good in a movie in 300 years be damned!

My son also loves both of these things. More importantly, he knows I love them.

I have a bad feeling about this.

I am not a superstitious guy; I don’t believe in the Force. That doesn’t mean I haven’t tried to use it, although, when I try moving things with my mind, I don’t know if it’s Luke Skywalker or Carrie White I’m channeling. Either way, it’s never worked.

Since seeing Star Wars a few months ago, Detective Munch does believe in the Force. And, to be honest, the way he’s able to manipulate me is starting to make me wish it were real. I’d rather he have magic powers than be forced to admit that I’m a huge sap!parenting, pop secret, star wars, dad and buried, dad bloggers, funny, humor, dads, movies, pop culture, the force, kids, family, moms, popcorn, boba fett, pop culture

My son can basically make me do whatever he wants, Jedi mind tricks or not. Sometimes I cave because his natural adorableness is just too hard to resist, and sometimes I just want him to shut up already. There’s usually nothing more to it than that.

Lately, though, his ability to influence my behavior has reached new heights. For example, he’s usually not allowed to have snacks before dinner, but ever since we got a bag of Pop Secret’s Pre-popped Popcorn, I’ve been powerless to resist his requests for some, even with dinner around the corner. Popcorn is so delicious, and so good for you, it can’t hurt, right? (The Force always works better on the weak-minded.)

I know my son doesn’t have magic powers. I know that when I dutifully march to the kitchen to retrieve a bag of popcorn for him, it’s not because of his mastery of the Force. It’s because he’s getting smarter. It’s because he knows I like popcorn as much as he does. And he also knows that I love Star Wars, and that eating popcorn from a bag that has Boba Fett’s face on it (there are a variety of different flavors, each with a different character on the bag) is extra fun! (I’m 38.)

My son is all about instant gratification which makes the pre-popped stuff even better than the microwave popcorn we usually have. He doesn’t care that the microwave only takes three minutes, he wants his popcorn now!

To try to make that happen for him on a grander scale, I’m entering the Pop Secret #PopWars Contest. I created a video showcasing Pop Secret’s new Star Wars branded pre-popped popcorn in an effort to win $1000 in Pop Secret and Star Wars swag! I don’t know that I have much of a chance, though, I’m no George Lucas Steven Spielberg, as you can see…

Despite Detective Munch’s amazing, “Just call me Vader!” improv, I don’t think I have much of a shot. But if you want to try your hand at the contest, here’s all the info you need.

Good luck, and may the Force be with you. I hope you don’t look as fat on camera as I do!

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Pop Secret and was compensated for my participation in this promotion.

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