Today Ask Your Dad Blog, Tomorrow the World!

Last week I posted a quick little update about the passing of my son’s afternoon nap on Facebook.

Upon reading it, my archenemy at Ask Your Dad Blog, John Kinnear, told me he wished he had written it and proceeded to beg me to tell everyone he had. When I refused, he requested that I instead write an expanded version to post on his site so that he might fool his readers into thinking he was as funny as I am. I, in my infinite generosity, agreed, if only to stop the pathetic groveling. (And the tears. Dear lord, the tears.) ask your dad blog, askyourdadblog, john kinnear, parenting, dad bloggers, afternoon nap, eulogy for afternoon nap, funny, humor, guest post, dads

Earlier today, I bestowed a guest post upon Mr. Kinnear and his loyal readers, not without some selfish hope that a handful of them might migrate my way after sampling my skillz, but mostly because John told me he’d eventually write something for my site in return, if only I would stop my groveling. (He didn’t have to ask me to stop crying because I DON’T CRY. FACT.)

Please, head over to John’s site and check my extended eulogy out, and then I suppose you might want to stick around and read some of his other junk that may or may not be slightly nicer and/or slightly funnier than mine (emphasis on MAY NOT).

I mean, if you want to. I’m not going to hold a gun to your head. I’ve done enough.

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