Father’s Day Giveaway: myCharge Prize Pack

Mom and Buried thinks I use my iPhone too much. She’s probably right.

But when you’re managing a social media empire, you need to keep your constituents happy! Where else can my Twitter and Facebook (and Instagram!) followers turn when they want to read about someone who hates their kid?

I promise to stick around as long as you’ll have me. Especially now that I got a new portable phone charger! Do you want one?

Yup, I’m doing another giveaway. The friendly people at myCharge wer nice enough to reach out and offer me one of their portable phone chargers to try out, which was pretty cool of them. And they’re being even nicer to you guys because they’ve also provided me with a ridiculous package of stuff to give away to one of my readers, just in time for Father’s Day! parenting, technology, iphone, mycharge, allterrain, dads, dad bloggers, giveaway, sponsored, funny, humor, father's day

The myCharge “Ultimate Father’s Day Giveaway” is valued at over $550 and includes the following:

That’s a lot of swag. Some dad is going to get a hell of a gift basket. All I got is their All Terrain portable charger! Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty cool: This military grade charger is designed to withstand the toughest job sites as well as the great outdoors and features a built-in USB port. With a 2.1A output it is the perfect portable charger for smartphones or other USB devices. It delivers 22 extra hours of talk time for your phone!

Military-grade is right, if by “military-grade” they mean “it looks like a grenade!” Which is both bad-ass and has proven handy when I’m trying to get my son to go to bed on time. Plus, it’s water-proof, temperature-proof, dirt-proof and shock-proof. So, everything BUT kid-proof. Which is not really realistic, anyway; Detective Munch could break Bruce Willis in Unbreakable, he’s just that good bad. And if he doesn’t, Mom and Buried might, the next time she catches me scrolling Twitter instead of dusting. (Sometimes I think she wishes it actually were a grenade and would simply explode.)parenting, technology, iphone, mycharge, allterrain, dads, dad bloggers, giveaway, sponsored, funny, humor, father's day

I like having an extra battery source, especially when I’m traveling, like I was this past weekend. At the beach, no less! I had the All Terrain with me on my lounge chair, and it was the only thing that came back from the beach without a bunch of sand in it, and this includes both my crotch and my son (he at some sand). Thank god for auxiliary power, because without my iPhone clicking on all cylinders, I wouldn’t have been able to listen to the entire Spoon catalog while suntanning (sunburning), or be a terrible parent on the playground, or protect innocent plane passengers and restaurant customers from my son’s outbursts.

Yeah, I use my iPhone a lot, but I don’t think I’m alone. Look at these stats:

  • Average smartphone user checks their phone 110 times per day
  • Without a power source 77% of cell phone users will experience a dead battery by 4pm each day!
  • Smartphone users age 18-24 send and receive an average of 120 text messages per day!
  • 2.7 hours is the time the average smartphone user spends on their phone just for fun each day

I don’t know exactly where my numbers fall. I rarely let my phone die, and I definitely don’t send anywhere NEAR that many text messages, but I check my phone a lot. Especially for a forty-year-old. One thing I don’t do? Actually use my phone as a phone.

The All Terrain pro provides an additional 22 hours of talk time. And despite its durability and its ability to serve as an auxiliary battery for my laptop and my wife’s tablet, the 22 hours of extra talk just aren’t relevant to me. And after a few days of using it, I can safely say that those 22 hours don’t translate to all the non-talk activities I use my phone for. The battery dies a lot more quickly when you are engaging with a bunch of apps rather than simply chatting with your teenage friends back in 1992, which is the last time I actually called anyone.

But that’s fine. I use the All Terrain as a backup battery, for emergencies. Like when my wife makes me sleep on the couch because I use my phone too much.

Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win the All Terrain charger and a whole bunch of other cool stuff that’s a much better Father’s Day gift than some crappy tie. But don’t worry if you don’t win, visit myCharge‘s website and enter the promo code DAD and get 30% off all orders!

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Learn more about myCharge on their website and via their various social media channels:


Disclosure: If you haven’t figured it out by now, myCharge compensated me for this post, and Mom and Buried was angry about it. All opinions are my own.

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