The Dad and Buried Show

Welcome to the Dad and Buried podcast!

That’s right, I’ve decided to take my talents to the airwaves because what the world needs now is more access to white men babbling about things they only barely understand!

Basically, this podcast will be exactly like my blog, except instead of writing angry things about my kids, I’ll be saying them directly into your ears!

Here’ s a quick intro (actual episodes are down below):

Blogging is a tough business these days, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and his nefarious algorithms hiding my links from THE PEOPLE, but I’m not done ranting about parenting, so I decided to create a new format to give people what they want: me and some guy they’ve never heard of complaining about our children.

My co-host Pete is here because, like me, he’s a parent, but unlike me, he’s not funny, so he doesn’t complain about it as much. But I’m nothing if not a generous person, so I’ve decided to help my friend out and let him join me – at least for a little while, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll find someone else.

(Shoot me your audition tapes. I won’t tell him.)

I’ve posted the current episodes below and will eventually make this a page where all of them are stored. Check out the first three (YouTube only so far; actual podcast coming soon!), let me know what you think, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and please consider contributing on Patreon so we get Nate some scratch, for he’s a wonderful young man being introduced to the wild world of parenting out of the kindness of his heart!

One last thing: this thing won’t work without YOU! We need your feedback, your input, your insults (Pete-directed only, please), and more. I’ll be asking for questions and comments on my different social channels (follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and I’ll be incorporating your words into each episode! I might even give you a shout-out!

Thanks in advance for checking it out! Sorry about Pete. We’re working on it.

Episode 1: Overview/Parenting Advice

Episode 2: Super Bowl

Episode 3: Co-sleeping

Currently YouTube only, actually podcast coming soon to a streaming app near you!
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