Drinking While Parenting

Last weekend was St. Patrick’s Day. This weekend (and next) is March Madness. Those are major drinking occasions. But they have nothing on parenting!

This week on the Dad and Buried podcast, I crack a beer (Pete abstains; he’s doing Dryuary in March because he’s an idiot) and we get into drinking while parenting. You probaby do it, if not while your kids are awake then immediately after. And if you don’t drink, maybe you do something else to take the edge off. Because parenting is stressful and we all need some relief!

So grab some Lagunitas or open that box of wine and settle in for 30 minutes of “90210” references, “Twin Peaks” sing-a-longs, and Pete’s obnoxious insistence on using French words. I promise, it’s more entertaining than it sounds.

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