Zombie Post: Tiny Terror

It’s Halloween! Which seems like an appropriate time for a Zombie Post.

In browsing my blog archives, I realized I have countless posts about how terrifying it is to be a parent and how scary the job of raising a human being is. The post I’m resurrecting today is about how frightening kids themselves can be (I’ve also written more than one of those).

This one compares my increasingly independent toddler (two and a half, at the time I wrote it) with a poltergeist. Things get a lot more complicated once your kid can walk and talk and behave somewhat independently, especially when he suddenly starts moving things around the house, when until recently he couldn’t even move himself!

I wrote this post a mere eight months ago. Since then, my son has passed the Bar exam and filmed his own sex tape. Talk about SCARY!

Original Post: The Amityville Toddler

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