The Truth About Toddlers

You may have noticed that I occasionally post some “e-card” type images here, or on my Facebook page.

Until now, I’ve been creating my own “user cards” over on the hilarious Someecards site. But I wanted to get away from using their template, and their logo, so I decided to make my own.

Today I’m unveiling the first one, which reveals the truth about toddlers.

Rest assured that most of these will be much less good-natured than this one, because I’m not a nice person.

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I may go back and replace all the Someecard-based ones I’ve already made with this new template, which – even though I did my best to copy their style – is a little different, partially due to image issues, partially due to my graphic design skills (or lack thereof). The biggest difference? My template includes my new logo!

The logo was created by my friend The Glad Stork, whose hilarious new Facebook page you can check out right here. Go “like” his page and tell him the logo he made for me SUCKS!

What do I care? I already have the thing.

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3 thoughts on “The Truth About Toddlers

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