Zombie Post: Take Your Kid to Work Day

Today is national “Take Your Kid to Work Day” or “Bring Your Children to the Office Day” or “Escort Your Sons and Daughters to a Soundproof Room as Far Away from My Desk as Possible, You Fucking Psychopath Day” and as such, my office has been transformed into a crayon-littered war zone, if wars took place amid cubicles and were fought by tiny sugar-amped scream machines.

I understand the purpose of such Take Your Kid to Work Day: to let your kids into a mysterious part of your life and show them you do when you’re not at home; to teach them about work; to inspire their work ethic; to scare your childless colleagues off of having children of their own; to grind all productivity to a halt. But that doesn’t mean it makes much sense.

Having kids around does not a stress-free workday make, whether in the office or at home. I learned that a few years back, and Mom and Buried is discovering that now, only for her it’s every day and not once a year.

So in honor of “Get Your Kid Out of my Face I’m Trying to Get Something Done! Day”, I’m resurrecting the aforementioned older post, about “working” from home when there’s a kid around.

Here’s an excerpt from the original post, all of which you can read here:

When I first realized my job allowed for the occasional work-from-home day, I was thrilled. And my wife was through the roof. After all, we had a baby due soon, and when that little guy landed, my wife was going to need all the help she could get, especially during the first few weeks and months of dealing with a newborn. So having me at home once in a while was going to be great. What she didn’t count on was the “work” part of “working from home.”

Original Post: Home-work Almost as Bad as Actual Homework

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2 thoughts on “Zombie Post: Take Your Kid to Work Day

  1. I read your blog and adore your Facebook posts regularly. Love your work.

    Meredith at Pile of Babies turned me on to your blog and I have been laughing at (I mean WITH) you ever since.

    At Off Duty Mom, I am hosting a Mirher’s Day series titled, “Embarrassing Stories I Hope My Mom Never Hears About Me.”

    If you had a good story to tell, I would love to have you guest post!

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