What Parents Want for Christmas

Growing up, when I asked my parents what they wanted for Christmas, they always made a (sad) joke out of it. They knew my brothers and I didn’t have any money, so they didn’t bother asking for anything real, like a new car, or a box of Cuban cigars, or a new furniture set.

Instead, they used Santa the way someone might use a genie: by asking my brothers and me for things that were abstract, theoretical, and totally unattainable. Just to make a point. They’d make requests like, “for you and your brothers to get along” or “a little peace and quiet” or “for you to behave.” Just totally insane shit that would never happen in a million years.

Now that I’m a dad, nobody ever asks me what I want. But if they did? I’d reply exactly the same way as my mom and dad. Because I was wrong; they weren’t joking.

The intangible, imaginary stuff really is what parents want for Christmas.

25 Things Every Parent Wants for Christmas

  • More sleep
  • Some sleep
  • Half a nap?
  • Fine, a prolonged series of slow blinks
  • The world’s strongest vacuum-cleaner
  • Fewer tantrums
  • Fewer tantrums in public
  • A lifetime supply of booze
  • A lifetime supply of aspirin
  • Better kids
  • Quieter kids
  • Smarter kids
  • Fewer kids
  • A nanny
  • A maid
  • More batteries
  • Less batteries
  • Obedience
  • Acknowledgement
  • A tiny indication that the kid heard what I said?
  • Whatever, just give me a scarier voice
  • A vasectomy
  • And a long enough life to see my grandkids exact revenge

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4 thoughts on “What Parents Want for Christmas

  1. I can tell this list was written by a man, because it makes no mention of chocolate! I laughed so hard at the progression; parenting really is all compromise, isn’t it? And I snorted out loud at the wire hangers reference.

  2. Better kids, smarter kids, fewer kids? I hope the kids don’t read it. I get sarcasm and humor, but trust me when I tell you your kids will always remember your words. You remember what your parents wanted for Christmas from your childhood.

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