Review and Giveaway: Dino Construction Company

If you ask my toddler to list his favorite things on earth, after he says Mommy and Frozen and “cracker parties” and Grandma and probably mutters a few gibberish words and mentions his lovey and then cries and screams for a little while and then maybe says some foods like bacon and pizza, I’ll bet he’ll finally announce that it’s “trains!”

But then, if you ask for his favorite things besides trains, he’ll say “baseball!” And after that, after you’ve spent a few more fruitless minutes trying to get him to respond the way you want him to respond so your stupid intro to your stupid blog post will fall into place, you’ll give up and grab a beer. And that’s when he’ll go off and play with his trucks and pretend he’s a dinosaur because he loves those things too even if he refused to cooperate.

In fact, he might even go play with his trucks and pretend to be a dinosaur at the same time, because now he can, with the Dino Construction Company!

It’s not often that I do product reviews. That’s mostly because I don’t get a lot of opportunities to do them (email me!), but also because when I do get the opportunity, it usually isn’t appropriate for the Dad and Buried brand and I’m nothing if not a man of integrity! (You can reach me on Twitter and Facebook too.) dinosaurs, toys, play, dino construction company, educational insights, learning, parenting, dad bloggers, funny, moms, kids, toddlers, trucks, product review, sponsored post, T Rex

For example, when Educational Insights reached out and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a toy from their Dino Construction Company line, I hesitated. As a thirty-seven year old man with a liberal arts education, I am not much into dinosaurs or construction vehicles. So unless these things come to life and build fully stocked kegerators, I wasn’t going to get much use out of them. But then I remembered I have a son (like you never forget!) and I thought I’d give it a shot. Now that I’ve seen the toy, I’m glad I did. Especially because Mom and Buried already had her eye on the things and they ain’t exactly cheap!

It’s the kind of idea that you hate yourself for not thinking of first. Because what toddler doesn’t like dinosaurs and trucks? (I want to say “what male toddler doesn’t” but I’m sure there are plenty of young girls who like trucks and dinosaurs too, as well they should, so calm down; I’m no gender-ist.) I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to discover that Josh Baskin had developed these toys after he metamorphosed into Tom Hanks, because whoever created “Wrecker – the T-Rex Skid Loader” must have the mind of a child. Or maybe of Michael Bay.

Wrecker is a skid loader/T-Rex hybrid that has the head and tail and arms and jaws of a T-Rex and the lower body of a skid loader. The jaw opens. It’s tail is bendable. It’s also built in such a way that it’s pretty easy to dump any outdoorsy residue out of it so that it can be brought back inside without making a huge mess, especially after your son has been feeding it newspapers and sand all day. Best of all? It has no electronic parts! It doesn’t require batteries and it doesn’t make a sound. Huzzah! I can see why this toy has won a bunch of awards.

We’ve only had it for a few days, but Detective Munch has already thrown at least five tantrums over not being able to play with it during dinnertime and nap time and bath time and bed time and I-didn’t-even-say-no-you-just-didn’t-hear-me-right-you-lunatic time, and on the toddler review scale, if something causes more than five tantrums it means he really likes it! dinosaurs, toys, play, dino construction company, educational insights, learning, parenting, dad bloggers, funny, moms, kids, toddlers, trucks, product review, sponsored post, T Rex

But maybe you want to try for yourself? The good people at Educational Insights are offering my readers a chance to get one of the Dino Construction Company toys for their own home (aside from the T-Rex there’s a Brachiosaurus Backhoe, a Ankylosaurus Steamroller and a Triceratops Bulldozer). If you’d like a chance to win, here’s what you have to do: I’ve stashed a live goat in your backyard. The first person to slay the goat and drink its bl– just kidding.

Details on the giveaway are down below, right after all the Educational Insights info!

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16 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Dino Construction Company

  1. Ha! Awesome review. Way to keep it real. In the immortal words of Kurt Cobain, “PICK ME PICK ME,yeh…I’m a [something something grundgy grumble]. My daughter’s two favorite things!!

  2. probably velociraptors, because they scared the heck out of me in Jurassic Park.
    Possible to win TWO trucks for my TWIN girls?

    1. Ah, ok, favourite dinosaur and why? Tough one. I’d probably go with Diplodocus. I bet he got teased a lot, because of his name. I always cheer for the underdog.

  3. Mt favorite dinosaur is Stegosaurus… because any dinosaur that could possibly have a brain in it’s ass for sure is the best dino ever.

  4. My favorite dinosaur? Petrie. From Land Before Time. High strung, totally nervous, can fit in your pocket, and comes through in the clutch.

  5. My favourite is always the Triceratops. I’m not sure why, they just seemed pretty awesome when I was a kid ;P

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