My Most Popular Images of 2014

This was a pretty good year for my blog. Nothing really went viral, and I’m not famous yet, but I managed a steady output of posts, and I even managed some decent “Wordless Wednesday” images and ecards.

Today, being Worldless Wednesday, I figured I’d share the ten most popular images – including some custom ecards and a bunch of rudimentary charts and graphs and stuff. I stress “rudimentary” as I’m no artist.

But I hope some of these made you laugh.

Enjoy, and I’ll be back tomorrow with my top 10 most popular posts of the last year!

Top 5 Charts & Graphs

  1. The Toddler’s Emotional Reaction Flowchart
  2. What Parents Eat
  3. Energy Crisis
  4. They Want It All!
  5. No Means Oh No!

Top 5 E-Cards

  1. Supertoddler
  2. Better Than Sex
  3. Who’s the Boss?
  4. Panic Buttons
  5. Homemade Rave

And the most popular image. Sappy as a motherfucker!

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