13 Ways My Second Baby is Like THE FORCE AWAKENS

If you’ve been following my blog lately, you probably know that the new Star Wars movie isn’t the only bundle of joy arriving this holiday season. My new baby will also be making his debut sometime over the next month.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a ridiculous list comparing parenting or kids to something really absurd, and thanks to my friend John Willey over at Daddys In Charge, I’ve been inspired.

So today, to celebrate the opening of the new movie, I give you a list comparing my soon-to-arrive baby to the new Star Wars movie. We’ve actually considered calling him “The Force Awakens” but I’m not sure it makes sense since once he gets here, none of us will ever be sleeping.

Ways My Second Baby is Like The Force Awakens

  • There’s a ton of hype, but let’s be honest: the last one wasn’t exactly perfect
  • My five-year-old is quite enthusiastic even though he doesn’t really know what’s going on
  • The making of it was exciting, but now I’m mostly just nervous
  • Early footage hasn’t shown us much but everything looks pretty good so far
  • Disney is going to make a lot of money off it
  • If Jar-Jar pops up, I’m gonna lose my shit!
  • There’s a whole collection of people who don’t care about this stuff and really want the rest of us to stop talking about it
  • Sequels have a lot to live up to, I just hope I can eventually accept the things that make this new one unique
  • Some people are going to stay up all night to be the first to see it
  • I’m really concerned about it getting spoiled
  • For better or worse, it’s gonna be a part of my life for a long time, so I really hope it doesn’t suck
  • Everyone who was around for the first one has aged noticeably
  • To be totally honest, I’m just relieved George Lucas wasn’t involved in making this one

One thing’s for sure, I can’t wait for the reboot thirty years from now, when I’ll take all of this a lot less seriously and can just sit back and enjoy it.

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