Is It Bedtime Yet?

Children will never admit to being tired.

They’ll shake their heads while they’re yawning if they think it will buy them five more minutes of doing whatever stupid bullshit they’re doing. My son hates going to bed more than I hate trying to put my son to bed!

They simply don’t know what’s best for them. So it’s up to us to decide.

Of all the nightmarish aspects of parenting young children, getting them to bed may well be the worst. Especially at the end of a long day, when your patience is at its lowest. Sometimes waiting for your kid’s bedtime to finally come around can be torture.

But remember, you’re the boss, and just because your kids have a specific bedtime doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally need to hit the hay a bit earlier. I made a little bedtime flowchart to help you decide if it’s time for your kids to pack it in.

(Yes, unfortunately, it is this complicated.)

Dad and Buried’s “Is it Bedtime Yet?” Flowchart

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