Wordmore Wednesday

It’s been a busy September for the Buried clan!

Detective Munch started school, Mom and Buried and I went on a babymoon (I hate that word but I give up), and just yesterday we moved into a new, bigger apartment. Don’t worry, we’re still in Brooklyn.

Due to everything going on with the move, I’m unfortunately not going to have a Wordless Wednesday post for you today. I’m the worst. But I do have some other goodies to share, just in time for decorative gourd season!

I’ve recently had a few things published elsewhere, so I figured I’d let you know about them. As a result, I’m christening today WordMORE Wednesday!!! Get it? Hahaha LOLZZZZZZZZZZ.

Here’s the quick list:

  • On Scary Mommy I wrote about the ridiculous stuff only kids can get away with saying.
  • For Haven Life Insurance, I discussed the crushing stress, and crushing financial impact, and crushing soul-crushingness, of having a second child.
  • And finally, just today I had a piece published on long-time internet and overall comedy Hall-of-Famer McSweeney’s Internet Tendency! It’s a helpful guide to complimenting a woman. I’m very excited about this one, so I’m begging you to like, share and comment on it (once they post it on McSweeney’s Facebook page) for me! Only if you enjoy it, of course. And also if you really, really don’t.

Thanks! I love you all. Don’t tell my wife.

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2 thoughts on “Wordmore Wednesday

  1. Do you have a youtube channel? You should launch one. While the truth about raising kids is only just starting to make its way to blogs and news sites, I only saw one video in all of youtube (done by DNews channel) that dared to hint that Ward and June Cleaver’s lives kinda sucked that whole entire time. Also, did you just write an article saying you are having a 2nd one? Dude…?!

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