The Parental Exercise Equivalency Chart

It’s not always easy to make exercise a part of your life, especially as you get older and other things take priority, like drinking, and not exercising.

But having kids is no excuse. Not because it’s easy to squeeze in the gym when you have parental duties, but because we parents actually get a ton of exercise without even needing a gym membership. Especially when our kids our younger.

It turns out that a lot of the stuff I would do at the gym, I’m already doing at home. Take a look at my parental exercise equivalency chart to find out if you are too.

A few years ago I wrote about ways to co-opt your parental activities as a way to stay fit, but lately I’ve realized that I needn’t put forth such effort. And I bet you don’t either.

I made a chart, in which I’ve laid out all the exercise I’m getting on a daily basis without paying a dime in gym fees. (I pay in other ways, e.g., dignity, freedom, energy, etc…)

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